JOURNAL: Melichan923 (Melissa )

  • Friends Forever [ANIME EXPO 2012 BEST DRAMA WINNER] 2012-12-15 23:47:11 The final version has been done since May... finally managed to both get it converted properly AND playback in sync. Woooo!

  • Anime North 2012-04-17 21:19:00 I got word that my Ano Hana video has made it to the finals at Anime North! *Swings around excitedly in her computer chair* I'm really happy now. :) I love that anime... so much. <3 Anime North is a special con to me as well because I won one of my first big awards there back in 2008. Funny enough there is an Ano Hana banner at the top of the screen right now too, a nice one done by Nya-chan Production.

    I guess this means I should get started on the credits and get it uploaded sometime soon. I might decide to change a thing or two first. 
  • @DriftRoot 2012-04-15 00:54:17 You just got hit with some baaad luck the past few years before at at AB. One year you were sick (non food poisoning), one year you broke a bone before AB (foot I think it was, unless if I'm confusing this with a different con) and this year you got food poisoning. Really crumby luck and I'm sorry to hear that that happened to you. I'm determined to help make sure you have a great year next year at AB if you are there. I have a feeling I should bring sturdy metal body armor to protect myself while helping you fight off that bad luck. ^_^

    You are hard on yourself and your editing is 100% stunning. Not many people can pull off what you did and I didn't notice anything wrong with your video on (or off) screen. We are our own worst critics. I was practically biting my fingernails at how mine was playing on-screen too. I'm sure nobody thinks you are an unfriendly person though. You were one of the friendliest people I met this year actually - honest. It was really great to be able to meet you and you helped me feel less shy actually. I know what you mean about missing AMV events when the majority of the AMV finalists are there though - I honestly tried to make it to the Editor's Choice. It was the first year I actually -remembered- it was going on (besides 2009 when I was sick in the hotel) but I had to run up to my hotel room and despite running back to where Adam explained where it was being held earlier I didn't make it in time. I felt pretty bad about it, especially later finding out that I had won Editor's choice and I wasn't even THERE to meet everyone who went. I still feel bad about that. Then there was the preferred seating thing I sort of missed too but...

    I'll post more about things when it isn't so late. I plan to write about my con experience + more this year. The AMV panel and meeting more AMV makers inspired me to be more active around here. :)

    Time for bed. 
  • New Video - Evil Island 2012-04-12 23:15:40 My new video Evil Island can finally be downloaded. :)

    It won Editor's Choice at Anime Boston 2012. <3

    It's up later than I'd hoped it would be, but I really needed to catch up on some sleep after the convention. Sorry about that for those who wanted it. I haven't even downloaded a single video from the contest yet besides a couple I already had. :o I'll catch up with the downloading, commenting and journal posting when I can. ^_^  
  • o.o 2009-10-18 11:38:22 I haven't been on the Org much these past two or three months... and by the looks of it, I missed lots. I'm browsing the AMV Announcements forum and I see that a few of my favorite editors released new AMVs. I haven't even heard of these new videos, let alone seen or downloaded them yet! =O

    Time to get downloading again soon! :) 
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