JOURNAL: DavePeterson (Dave Peterson)

  • Things are looking up! 2002-08-22 21:49:46 Well, thanks to the efforts of some friends far more skilled in compuyters than I, things may be looking up! My Data on the HD may yet be salvagable.

    on an unrelated note, Black Heaven is quite possibly one of the coolest series I have ever seen

  • HDs 2002-08-22 13:55:41 My hd containing my entire lifes work including all of my completed AMVs just died.

  • Crisis on Infinate Edits! 2002-08-09 00:06:22 WELLLLL,

    Sit round the fire kiddies let me tell bout the story of my near fatal heart attack.

    My Pro entry for AWA got fucked up somewhere between me exporting it, and Quu trying to capture it. Needless to say, when Quu finally got to my entry, learned of it's fucked nature, and told me, I had a heart attack.
    The story doesn't end there, if you're willing to here it out to it's end.

    Basically, Quu tells me, and then I panic for several reasons:
    A.) Vid is FUBARed in atlanta
    B.) Dave's only other copy other than the digital one is VHS, so it'll suck at transfers
    C.) Digital Copy is on Removable HD at partners house where he is currently putting the spit and polish on the Masters entry

    So, Quu asks if I can transfer the digital one to him. I momentarily cease panicking, and hop offline to call partner in middle of night.(not everyone is blessed with two phone lines and/or broadband service)He's up. I explain the situation. He's like "Fuuuck!" We procede from there. Quu sets up and FTP account whilst we try and get it encoded for net friendly travel. After it is finished encoding, he, without checking the file, procedes to upload it to Quu. We all go to bed thinking everything is alright.

    The next day passes by without incodent until I get home and get online. Quu's exact words were "Smack whoever encoded this vid over the head with a spoon!" In our haste to get it encoded, we neglected to check every last setting in TMPGENC. So it ended up be 360 by 240 centers in the middle of 720 by 480. I resume panicking. I call my partner (who incidentally STILL is working on spit and polish for the masters) again, and He's Like "Fuuuuck!" all over again. He and Quu go over EVERY last possible setting. RE RE encode it and re upload it.

    I, coincidentally, am in full perturbed mode by now, and some unlucky gundam sprites on GBA2 catch unholy amounts of punishment(unlocked several items last night btw :P) I spend most of Today worried and working. Finally when I get online tonight, Quu isn't online. Undaunted, I remembered that last night in a fit of worry I called information up on Patrick and got his home phone number.(I swear the CIA should be calling THEM for info, they know everything)I dil up his number and we spare little convo for we both know what the true purpose of this call is. My worry and fears are asuaged when he tells me that everything is green.

    And thus ends my tale of worry

    Anyways, thanks for reading my firsreall journal entry

    Dave Peterson 
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