JOURNAL: AJip (John S.)

  • Steam 2006-01-21 04:58:45 Wow, first journal...yeah....Currently working on a decent project that has had my interest for quite sometime but have finally decided to work on it. As you can see from my current menu i havent made any videos recently, and since live action isnt allowed on this site, none of my good videos are on here. Well hopefully this one will get me some recognition :P sounds a little braggy but i dont care. It's going to feature Steam Boy feature and coincidentally Steam Machine, by daft punk. I'm actually pleasantly surprised that no one's made a video to those two before. Well, expect it to come out within the next few weeks or so, because its a pretty long song for daft punk. Cropping and motion blurs abound :D expect my first effect heavy video ^_^ 
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