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  • Beowulf 2003-12-19 16:53:23 :P  
  • Life 2003-12-19 16:28:27 As I sit here no doubt doing what countless others are doing right now,

    Wondering about life and questioning my point or object to why I'm here in this place (not the org).

    My love seems so distant now, it's hard to belive I still care so much for her, but get nothing back.

    It seems like forever I've been making videos (since march 03', not long I guess).

    I sometimes wonder why I do it I guess, I always remember the good times of editing, like when I finally finished my first video, or the first time I stayed up till 3am editing my life into the touchy fabric of a music video.

    I don't know how to solve the issue's going on in my life,

    It seems I'm at the cross roads along with many of my friends,
    As to what to do in life,

    I have so many choices, and with college so close, I almost wish i could just push back everything a step and wake up at 3am running to the christmas tree and slidding under only to find unforchanitly it was still a day till santa comes..

    Now as well all wonder what to do in the next step of life, I havnt even finished the last step, and I wonder if I'm tripping a bit...

    I have no clue, the girl I love is all that's holding me together right now, and even thats falling apart.

    What to do? I guess thats a question we all have to run across eventually... till I anwser that question I'll just keep editing and putting my life into a format that ya'll can watch.

    - Jacob "nemoxs" Van Ausdeln 
  • jace 2003-12-19 14:49:32 Is a moron, I mean, not only did it cause me to close my announcment thread because I didnt want any more flaming in a place thats not ment for it.

    But he im'ed me, AND posted in another forum, what a stupid : nevermind.

    Anyway... later 
  • Weird 2003-11-27 15:25:44 Well.. in an odd turn of events all my videos seem to be getting a ton of hits (10 or more a day, which is a ton for me), and all my scores seem to be going up (from 2.67's to 3.10's).

    It's pretty odd, but maybe it's a good sign, as I get ready to start releasing some new videos soon, It's nice to see my older ones are gaining in popularity.

    Thanks all. 
  • Mexican junior dude, you have issue's :/ *kidddddddingggggggg* 2003-11-14 04:42:20 Here I was... thinking I was the only SANE person up this late at night and look. I was absolutly correct :/.

    I have a mild mannered cold, :/... I hate colds.

    Although it's givin' me time to work on my video and plan revenge on the world, erm, bake cookies.

    I've also gotten a chance to play Ocarina of time again, and it's just as pleasurable (cigarette commerical anyone?) as I remember.

    Anyway for utterly no reason at all, I sit here editing, watching Conan O' Brian (or as I call him "Simpsons writer 4-5") I love the girl that was on tonight, she has a dry sense of humor, it's just funny.

    Listioning to: The impossible's

    :/ I hate to say it, but if you're reading this, you have more issue's than reading my journal can satisfy, go, go on read some PVP (

    Expect my new video sometime near chrismas, It'll be worth the wait ;D.


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    Movie:Dirty work

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