JOURNAL: Saizuchi (Master Anthony K. Broom)

  • ZODDAMMIT!!! 2003-07-18 03:15:52 I got it I am going to do Jonni Mitchell - Kimagure Orange...I loved the Shoujo anime...I was cute...hahahahahahaha 
  • Oldies but Goodies 2003-07-18 03:12:13 I have been listening to some oldies...I wish I could add one Oldies in my AMVs but the next 2 months will be packed with all of the projects I have plus After encode Corrupted World I am finally going to release it after I am totally done with the Endless Struggle Project; affectionately called Project Improvement. I am using that project to become better at AMVs...funny..seeing it a major Project to me but the good part is the First is loved by everyone who sees it. I have found my amv idol. Lonley Driver. His Cowboy Bebop - I get a kick is one of the best amvs I have ever seen. And now I have a rival...Nappy...just because I know his roommate In effect I can use him as a push. With me rivals are usually ppl better than me and I can become better by trying to up them. Life is good. I think I am going to make an amv using the Hall and Oats - Rich Girl or Jonni Mitchell - Help Me. Either is a good bet seeing that noone esle is using them...FOR EVERY READING THIS KEEP IT ON THE LOW...;) 
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