JOURNAL: Alpha_Hazard (Alex Chapin)

  • More COmputer BS 2004-09-04 17:38:35 Well, I got the new drive today...this one also rattles, so I sent a scathing note to new egg about the quality of their OEM parts and told them to send me retail replacements.

    On top of that, I finally got the boot to go faster, and I got the other two drives to work, which is nice...except I lost all my project files for the AMVs that I was working on, including the two I have actually uploaded, and was planning on "remastering"

    Damn, what a drag. 
  • Computers totally suck 2004-09-04 01:36:42 Alright, so I decided to build a computer, I was tired of my p4 1.7 ghz and the slow bus on my mother board. SO I spend an entire day making sure I get the compatibility right, and finally order my stuff...

    I get it, I spend two and a half hours putting it together. I put the old drive in the Master spot and put the new SATA drive in, planning on installing Windows there, and then transfering files and settings from C drive...

    Well, somehow I screwed up. well, actually the first main problem was that the new hard drive rattled like it was two years old, But I installed anyway, and ordered a new one right away, then requested a Return service. Having done that, I attempt to back up my files onto my 200 GB hdd, just incase something gets screwed up when using the wizard.

    I resarted after installing some windows updates and lo and behold, a Check disc screen pops up, saying that windows needs to check the file system on drive G (The 200 gig) I think, well...Okay, if you must, WIndows then procedes to delete the vast majority of files on the drive, including (?) a-q of my music files and all of the things that were inside folders in my shared folder...

    I decide there is obviously something wrong with the drive and so I backup everything irreplaceable, like my hellsing fanfic and some music you cannot find anymore, and I reformat. It seems to work pretty well. So I decide that I no longer need the old c drive and pull that out, replacing it with the 160 project drive from my old computer, although I forget to make it the master.

    I turn on the computer and find that windows doesn't work again...WTF? so I reinstall on the 80 gig Sata and it finally works, although it shows a blank screen for about 30 seconds between Bios boot and windows startup (Anybody have any ideas?)

    So I figure I have everything under control...WRONG! Now the 200 gig doesn't work at all I CAN'T EVEN REFORMAT IT!!! and I realized I haven't got any jumpers to master the 160 gig!


    Next time I'm just gonna get somebody to do it for me! (or just get all new drives and then transfer later...) 
  • The dark side 2004-06-08 11:45:06 SO the past few weeks have not been very productive...I succumbed to the Dark side of COmputer geekery by playing Kotor full on RELIGIOUSLY for that whole time...But have no fear, I have seen the error of my ways and with Zarxrax and Absolute Destiny as my guides back to the light I have resumed making videos... 
  • Cutting the Ribbon 2004-04-26 15:11:54 Welcome Welcome Welcome to my Journal. I decided to write in it, because, wel,, I feel like it.

    If you have read my profile at all you at least know something about me, which is good. Currently I am working on three Videos...Actively, I have others that I have begun, and now set aside due to disk space, because I want the vids to look good. I also am in the process of remastering my first two because I really feel they need it. I hope to finish at least one video by the end of may, hopefully two, once my school year calms down I will have more time... 
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