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  • Waitin' on the yaoi... 2009-02-17 19:52:36 Okay, so I have two goals for this year (now that Sakuracon stuff is done...).

    Goal 1: Attend YaoiCon for the first time ever (and my first time in San Francisco!)

    Goal 2: Create an amv for every category for YaoiCon. I've already got a few ideas lined up, but I'm waiting on what the theme is for this year's contest before I start editing outside of my head.

    I'm really pleased with my offbeat entry for Sakuracon this year. Lip synching is not only getting easier, it's actually getting more enjoyable. Way more enjoyable than photoshopping stuff for masking, that's for damn sure. 
  • So yay! 2008-03-27 18:27:06 We're off to Sakuracon, and the first ever hubby/wife competition. We'll see how this goes... =D 
  • Space and Seattle 2008-03-14 18:10:46 Finally broke down and we bought a second external hard drive so I can dump my music off this pewter---according to iTunes, I've got about 45 days worth. And I'm tired of having to play the redheaded stepchild game every time I download something or start getting clips for a new vid. So that will be nice.

    2 weeks until SakuraCon! Hubby and I are both so excited, it's sad. I'm really proud of myself---last year I entered 1 vid and it didn't get in. This year I got in the contest, 3 for 3! So that's heartening. And seeing as how hubby (Purplepolecat) won there last year, we've got standards to uphold. =P

  • Geek conundrums 2008-02-05 23:31:59 It is very sad that I'm glad I have my vids done for Sakuracon - because the live update for EverQuest II comes out tomorrow for Epic weapons.

    Concerns my parents just wouldn't understand. =P

    On another note, I've started remastering my "Electric Kusanagi" vid. The original attempt was my second one and it's the only one of mine I just can't stand to watch. It's pretty abysmal. I'm redoing it because I love the concept, but I realise now that it was just waaaaay too ambitious for the programs and abilities I had at that point--not to mention I was only using the GitS movie.

    This will be my second remaster of one of my vids, and I find I really enjoy the process. Not only is it good practice, but it's a nice measurement of how far along I've come since the original.

    And of course, there's the fact that I just can't seem to make enough Kusanagi videos... =P 
  • FINALLY! 2007-10-04 14:23:28 AMV Hell 4 is slated for downloading release tonight---we are RIDICULOUSLY excited about this, as we (Purplepolecat and I) both got clips in. AMV Hell 3 was also our intro to amv's, so we really feel like we've come full circle on this.

    Having friends over for a viewing party Saturday night---every time one of our clips comes up, everybody's gotta have a shot. =D 
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