JOURNAL: theocide (Gabriel Campbell)

  • Oh God! 2003-03-20 11:55:13 today is going to be a long day because today i have to go to bowling alley to power-wash the gutters and i have to go take my kids to the park to play with their trombones and i have to go to the mayor's house to thank him for the lovely dinner he prepared for me 2 nights ago and i have to put my cat in the hand-woven hemp basket at my mother's house and i have to drive to new orleans louisiana for a seminar on how to build your own museum and i have to pick up my wife from my best friend's apartment and i have to wank and spray man's milk on girls at a male strip club and i have to talk to mary about fixing the water heater before sunday

    long day id better get started 
  • Yeah? So? 2003-03-19 14:47:33 What? like im the only person who thinks about food while jacking off...BLEH i hate you guys why do you have to be such assholes and besides it's not something to be ashamed of really it's just the way i am and i know im not the only person on earth like that
    you know none of you have any room to talk anyway you sick bastards are all into watching your sisters take showers with those kinky little detachable shower heads

    on a side note: I am the Sodomite of God's Word also i don't know what i am to do with myself i am ever so confused should i assassinate the queen of france thus freeing the poor oppressed people of the underground who work day in and day out in the lava factories making things like styrophome sheetrock chicken-wire elephant saddles and U-Haul trailers if they were freed they could re-invent the internet in the form of a massive television-satellite orbitting the earth like a halo or the rings of saturn however these ppl being the obsessive eggo waffle eaters that they are would if freed deplete the world's supply of grains resulting in mass starvation on the other hand i could destroy the underground ppl and get 10 million dollars from the dude that hired me 
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