• 2003-09-14 13:02:52 It seems the online time I ever update this damn journal is when I release a new music video, and that isn't going to change now ^_^
    Anime: Cardcaptor Sakura
    Song: Furi Kuri OST - Comedian's Gallop

    Opinions are greatly appreciated, as always. 
  • 2003-01-18 18:43:29 Huzzah! First music video in nearly a year is completed! ... No it didn't take me a year to complete, I'm just lazy... Here it is: Enjoy! Reviews are greatly appreciated ^.^ 
  • 2003-01-10 10:51:32 I figure I should probably update this thing once in a while... I'm about 75% done on a new music video. I just need to time the last 25 seconds (it's a short song) and just fix the odd scene here or there, export and fix in TMPGEnc and it'll be ready for upload. Geez... my first video in almost a year... That's pretty sad, but university keeps me busy. That's it for now... Check my LJ (see past update for link) for more frequent updates... See you space cowboy... 
  • It hurts to want everything and nothing at the same time... 2002-10-05 18:20:06 Bleh... I wish I updated this thingy as much as I updated my Livejournal. I'm always writing in my LJ. For those who care to view it, . Don't expect anything much except pessimistic writings and complaints about my daily life.

    Music video wise, I still remain unproductive. I'm installing a 40 GB harddrive in the near future so I'll lots of space to work on videos which will be awesome. I have two I haven't started that I want to start really badly, one of them I may even consider for convention submission depending on how well I can get it to turn out. I also have an older one I started a long time ago but put on hold due to lack of high quality footage.

    I'm debating if I want to keep XP on my computer since it seems to conflict with my drivers. My friend gave me an older version of Windows I may install just so I can have working drivers for my video card once again and I can make high quality musicvideos (if I ever get time for them).

    Yup... That's it for now... If you really care to hear from me more often, read my LJ... See you space cowboy ^.^ 
  • Ack. Almost three months and no posts in this thing 2002-07-11 01:07:25 God I never update this anymore. Mainly because I have almost no free time this summer due to work and earning money for university.

    I have actually started the bare minimum on a music video, that being capturing footage and picking a song and getting ideas brewing, but work has been getting in the way of it. Ah well, that's all I have for now. Hopefully I'll write in this thing more often. 
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