JOURNAL: masterGT (Tom Green)

  • Dante Must Die!!! 2009-07-02 06:56:06 Today's test worked out good. Aftermath: Too much coffee => tiredness.

    Now: more coffee and getting more S-Ranks on Devil May Cry 4. I think this is the most difficult game on xbox360 to get the achievements, it's badass and you are sweating more than running for 10 miles on a hot day. Don't forget that your hands hurt after some hours of gameplay, but it's worth it, at least for me.

    Music: New dredg CD TPTPTD is such a great album. At least it's the album of 2009 for now.


  • Happy Birthday! 2009-04-28 17:25:16 Better late than never:

    Happy Birthday Kev!
    (I like your Profile pic. Great one!)

    Happy Birthday Bauzi!

    May your lives be long and fulfilled!
  • Voting and New Video! 2009-03-10 16:48:04 I have the Voting in some of the categories done...


    ...Local Video version is now online: 
  • To Scott Green! 2009-03-02 15:45:35 Happy Birthday, Bro!

    New Video up now: 
  • 2009-03-02 14:24:20 Yo, Fuck.
    No video upload because of server maintenance.
    Guess I figure out sth. else. 
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