JOURNAL: Kaxi (Tamas Katona)

  • Video comments 2007-11-12 15:32:50 I've been wandering, what if people started to comment their own video with Video. Not text. I mean, there are some people on the org who likes to speak a lot about videos, especially their own ones. And people usually find it a lot easier to watch a video (even a webcam video) than reading through two pages of text - and amv makers are rather the ones who prefer video (and audio) over written text. It's just a thought though.
    I mean, there are a lot of well known members who can only write "Enjoy" in their vid description. If they'd make a webcam video of themselves talking about the video, probably taking the viewer into a bit "behind the scenes", or "behind the avatar" as it is more known on the internet. It would make the whole amv scene a bit more interactive in my opinion - this is why i think that youtube is good, it goes beyond the normal text style comments, AND video commenting is totally legal of course, no copyrights there i think.
    Of course i'm not the one to speak, i don't even have a camera nor a webcam. But still, it would make the org a lot more human focused. I know that it would be a good starting point for the trolls of course, and flames.
    So, pros and cons, who knows how it would turn out :D But it would be definately something new around here. 
  • why? 2007-09-25 18:26:03 Why am i the only one who sucks? :/ 
  • Bauzi! 2007-09-17 08:04:56 You probably know this but your english is sooo bad... even for an austrian :D 
  • school ends soon 2007-06-26 14:41:47 One more day and i'm FREEEEEEE!
    (one f*cking exam left, gonna fail on it though, but i don't give a f*ck, ME WANT SUMMER BREAK!)
  • directshowsource 2007-06-11 17:03:07 Have you ever had this problem? 
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