JOURNAL: Venomi (Ville Virta)

  • Ou my God 2009-03-13 18:15:17 
  • Always the CEO that get's all the hate. 2005-12-07 16:41:00 Since FoxJones insists that whats happening at AT is personal, let's just put some light on things that has been.
    There were Animecon 2, 3, Tracon and coming soon Animecon 4. FoxJones, like most of the guys at AT, was not doing ANYTHING for those AMV competitions, shows, etc. FoxJones himself was on one AMV panel. That's it. So excuse me if i was a slavedriver but someone had to kick things in gear. We almost missed AC3 because of all the idlers and not doing they're part. Whole show was unfinished less then week from the competition! (it was a great show, over 900 people at the AMV competition. And not a single error in the show) So screw you Fox and do all the con organizing from the scratch and alone. I'll leave whole AC4 in your hands if you like. Why should i be the one who works at days and organizes a con at nights without much of help and appreciation? You're just unemployed panzy who still lives at your parents. Audience and friends seemed to appreciate more all the work then you did. Why not next time you open up at your journal, tell the whole truth? You lazy son of a hamster. You're not worthy to carry Arctic Tribe name. That's why you are out. 
  • Something totally new. 2004-12-10 09:53:13 I'm happy!!! Damn. This is a wierd feeling for me...
    I met a real nice girl. I never smile but today, i noticed, i smile everytime i think of her. I can't wait that she comes again. :)
    I think i'm not going to do any more dark drama vid for a long long time. I hope so!!! /me sings heaven is a place on earth.
  • News/updates 2004-11-24 01:05:51 Finally got the gallery up at my pages. You might find a pic of wizard of oz at animecon III from there. :D And soon pics of other arctic tribe members. (ever wondered how Venomi, Janzki Sivis or FoxJones looks like?) Link  
  • Something nice 2004-10-11 08:17:38 I was looking at my little questbook lately and i was supriced of those few nice entryes. Thanks to those. It cheered me up a little. :) 
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