JOURNAL: Brsrk (Andrew Thayer)

  • war walking 2004-10-16 17:17:18 found 18 different unsecure networks walking around the building!!! Connected on third floor at 2 mb ps with a very low signal.

    "HOLY SHIT!!!" 
  • First Entry... 2003-04-01 18:53:21 I'm new at this, and to the world of AMV. My friend introduced me to anime last year in about november i think it was. Evangelion was the first anime I'd ever seen. El_farlo introduced me to the rest of Pork Sausage Productions and they seem like a cool crew. I'm currently learning the art of AMV editing and my first AMV will be an Outlaw Star possibly comedy AMV. The song is still undecided... Also, PSP's Operation Obsolete will be an interesting experience for me as it will be one of my first.  
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