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  • So long, and thanks for all the fish. 2007-08-16 23:08:42 The time has come, folks...for me to take an unexpected hiatus from the land of amvs. Believe me, it's not something I ever expected to be doing. I don't like leaving my friends high and dry, wondering if I've disappeared or if I'm ok. The explanation follows, for those who care to read it.

    For the past 5 years, I've been in a very troubled relationship. It didn't start out troubled, we were very happy at first. But the last few years have proved more than difficult. I'll spare everyone the details on the problems - just suffice it to say that my issues at home have now hit the all time low.

    I'm moving away from my home state of Iowa. Yes, I'm leaving the land of corn behind me. When exactly I'm moving, I can't say for certain yet - there are a lot of things I have to get in order first, hence the amv hiatus. I can't stay here, because if I do, I'll just end up in the same vicious circle of supporting the man I've been with these last 5 years, and we both need to move on.

    Where am I going? Of all places, Toledo. Why? Well, I've come across a rather unexpected silver lining to this whole situation - I've met someone that I truly, madly and deeply care for, and he (holy shizzle) feels the same way about me as I do for him. And I have this gut instinct that I'm right for wanting to close the distance between the two of us and live with him.

    This is, without a doubt, the biggest, most frightening step I've ever taken. I've lived in the same town my entire life. But it's a step that I have to take, a road that I must travel down, for many reasons.

    So, unfortunately, knowing the way that I am and knowing what lies before me, I'm putting the org and amvs aside...for now. I will be back - which might be more of a threat than a promise (:P), but when I'll be back I'm not certain. I do apologize, I know that I've gone a couple of months now without so much as a peep - but the events of my life kind of got in the way of my ability to communicate. Well, that, and I didn't quite feel like sharing all this with everyone just yet. But there are a select few on this here org that I care about, and wanted to know - everyone else reading this can just assume they've gotten their daily dose of drama. ;) And I also apologize that the commitments I made to a few people here will have to be broken.

    And it is to those select few (and you all know who you are) - I tell you that if you want to get a hold of me - my email and phone are the best ways. If you know me well, you have the number and the address.

    So, for the last time (at least for a while), I say to you...

    G'night Org. And potatoes.

  • It's over... 2007-06-12 20:38:38 ZOMG - staffing a do you people DO it? Seriously. :P

    It was fun, don't get me wrong...but I existed on a HELLUVA lot less sleep and more stress than I was planning on. lol

    Will I do it again? Most probably. Ask me in a year. lol

    All that aside - for those of you that don't know my current computer woes - I lost my main editing system's motherboard to a lightning strike a few weeks back. The good news is that I have a new motherboard now, and now that the con's over, I can finally get that installed and get back up and running.

    Oh...and for those who want to get a good giggle at my expense - my first experience as a cosplayer happened at this con...

    I blame Jub - she gave me the idea. :P


  • Shameless plug... 2007-05-15 22:25:58

    Zero, yes ZERO trailers...1 comedy...this means I'm allowing a few extra days if'n ya gots one or two you want to enter.

    Plus, for all the random procrastinators out there, there's still a few more hours before I close it out for all the other categories. :)

    So what are ya'll waitin' for?

  • We now resume life as we know it... 2007-03-26 18:59:50 Wow...what a whirlwind couple of weeks... o.O

    Not gonna focus on my uncle's passing...just going to mention that I, and the rest of my family, are doing well, and appreciate the support we've received (including from those here on the org that know know who you are...and you've been wonderful).

    Instead...I'ma gonna focus on more happy how AWESOME Detour was this weekend!!!

    /glomps Bethany with wasabe cashews and sake :P and also...


    And grats to Jub and Judge as celebrate their respective victories, I believe I shall dance in Jubber's flower bed while simultaneously zinging panties in Judgey's direction. :P

    Oh, and I got the coolest thing EVER! And I mean EVAH!!!!! *snickers* Those who have my phone number will just have to call me here in a few weeks to find out what it is. O.O

    I'll have pictures soon...not many this year, but some good memories (like Bethany...ZOMG, my sides STILL ache...)

    And now...must...sleep...more...

    Raven :) 
  • ... 2007-03-12 19:11:24 Just as an online presence for the next week or so is going to be, shall we say, sporadic.

    My uncle (the one with cancer) is back in the hospital. This time, he's not leaving.

    It all started last Wednesday when he complained of his vision being blurry. The oncologists thought that perhaps the cancer had spread to the brain (it was already in the lungs, liver and spine), so they did a MRI. The results of that showed that there were no lesions in the brain, but that he had a stroke. To complicate matters, he had also thrown a clot (not uncommon for cancer patients undergoing chemo) in his left leg, which could travel into the lungs if not treated.

    Since his hospitalization, he's had 2 more strokes, and the clot did the brain. The end result is that he's pretty much comatose - the only parts of his brain still functioning are the ones that keep him alive. His wishes were to not pursue anything heroic in terms of life support, so he's been moved to what they call "hospice care" within the hospital, where he'll receive fluids, morphine and nasal oxygen only. Basically, it's only a matter of time...we have days with him at the most, not weeks or months like we initially thought.

    So yeah, I'm around...but immersed in family business for the time being. :( 
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