JOURNAL: Knowname (Ben )

  • Too embarrissing to post on facebook so I'll post it here... does that mean I love you more?? 2014-12-17 14:21:08 growing up in Hawaii I seriously had no idea how difficult it was to poop in a one-peice suite (with leggings not just a dress...) I seriously feel like I'll marry the first girl that'd button my butt flap back up. 
  • 2014-07-30 05:01:16 Out of nowhere a sweatass song just started up.... and it just stopped :( am I hearing things? 
  • I just watched a Japanese filim!! 2013-03-04 02:45:10 And it hads nothing to do with anime!! ... conceptualy. Just watched Time Traveler: The girl who Leaped through Time. I was bored on Netflix and it was called The Girl who leaped through Time!

    Anyway the anime was 100000x better there was no leaping involved... but when she did fall through time she did the Alice in Wonderland thing... must be a Japanese thing cuz when American shows have time jumps they usually just show a flash or a door or something. Anyway the movie was alright. wasn't dubbed and I hate subs. 
  • 2013-02-23 03:08:31 oh and it'd be nice if I had a magic wand that could get after effects to work for me :) that billionaire song is WAY too specific. But I'm seriously shocked it's not even used in an AMV Hell type mashup or whatever the hell you kids are callin it these days. 
  • whatever happened to bakemonogatari = good (action) anime? 2013-02-23 03:00:03 Why is this new monogatari series so... hentai. and not hentai as in porn the hentai as in perv. I'd be fine with it if it was porn but so far nesemonogatari all it is is... well it feels like your playing one of those eroj games with NO story at all other than to go bug the girls and see how fare 'in their pants' you can get before your conscience starts screaming at you. All fine and dady, I guess the first series had a bit of this... almost all anime has a bit of this lol but I've almost never, to my recolection, gone 3 or 4 episodes into sn anime and your only entertainment is to go to previous heroines' homes and talk to your little sisters as they pose in suggestive ways.

    It'd probably helped if it was dubbed as well I hate subs. oh well a few more episode but it better break into some serious action and not just the main guy talkin to his g/f all in dominatrix mode. 
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