JOURNAL: 76 (Ima Ninja)

  • This 2010-07-18 08:40:28 is still here.

    I haven't updated this journal in forever. Mainly because editing has never been a very prominent aspect of my life. I've never had the utilities or patience to really commit to this hobby. The forum itself has been a greater hobby of mine than the actual topic it's based around. Can't help that I'm a people person.  
  • Slapping at the canvas with spit and dirt on the brush... 2008-10-13 02:55:48 Yea, so...I'm making an amv--or rather I'm 'planning' on making an amv. I just got some shitty FLCL footage that I'm going to use in getting the basic concept video, then I'll go back and rip some High quality for the actual video.

    The song is going to be "Out of control" by Hoobastank. I know that the song would be hard to match with the anime, because most of it is slow-paced and the song doesn't really have allot of room for movement, but I've got this idea stuck in my head so I'm gonna try it.  
  • 2008-10-05 12:54:37 Someone told me that if I started Bacanno! that I shouldn't watch the first episode. After consulting a closer friend, I never got around to watching the anime. Though I did have a funny conversation a few weeks later.

    [11:34] 76: you weren't the one that told me about Bacanno!, were you?
    [11:35] Farbror Roadkill: If you replace "told" with "raved incoherently about its greatness" then yes
    [11:35] 76: Did you tell me not to watch the first episode?
    [11:36] 76: yes/no?
    [11:36] Farbror Roadkill: Yes.
    [11:36] 76: Yea, my friend told me to tell you that you're an asshole/dumbass, and that you ruined the series for me.
    [11:36] 76: ^_^
    [11:36] 76: But
    [11:36] 76: he told me to watch the series anyway
    [11:37] 76: I talked to him a few weeks ago
    [11:37] Farbror Roadkill: Now, the most obvious response would be "tell your friend that he's an idiot" or something like that. But knowing that he is an Internet Person, a non-person, then all I can do is shrug
    [11:38] 76: Well, he's an elite otaku, and his fav anime is Bacanno!
    [11:38] 76: I always talk with him about anime before watching
    [11:38] 76: (most of them anyway)
    [11:38] 76: He's the one that told me about Rosario+vampire
    [11:38] Farbror Roadkill: Define "elite otaku"
    [11:39] 76: He goes to cons, edits amvs, watches tons of anime and is basically otaku.
    [11:41] 76: Though he's not the biggest one I know
    [11:41] 76: rofl
    [11:42] Farbror Roadkill: So, since otaku means nerd, he's a an elite... nerd and a better... nerd, than me? Good work, I... guess?
    [11:43] 76: Well
    [11:43] 76: Hmm
    [11:43] 76: Gah
    [11:43] 76: I've just known him for a long time and I trust his opinion very much.
    [11:43] 76: Sorry.
    [11:43] 76: Well
    [11:43] 76: No, I'm not sorry
    [11:43] 76: but I apologize
    [11:43] 76: =D
    [11:43] Farbror Roadkill: For what?
    [11:44] 76: You're a dumbass for ruining Bacanno! for me.
    [11:44] 76: That ^
    [11:45] Farbror Roadkill: Well, since you and your friend are non-persons, your opinion is void and null
    [11:45] 76: Haha.
    [11:45] 76: I'll have to accept that. 
  • 2008-10-01 01:56:36 [quote="Pas1990"][quote="mirkosp"]Hey pas, give us news. :|[/quote]

    Update: This MEP is still awsm.

    /end of update[/quote]

    I laughed so's sad. 
  • What a pitiful person. 2008-09-19 02:13:54 I want to be known for the wisdom I share, not the childish decisions or actions I make.

    If ever a plead to God could change a life, I plead right now that he refine my person into who I want myself to be.
    Make me into what I want others to see in me. Of me. Let them dig deeper into me and find what they can rest in and let them stay in me knowing they are safe.
    Don't allow me to make such a fool of myself that others lose their faith in me.

    I stand firmly, against the winds so that those who need me can stand under my shadow and find refuge. Please lord, their thanks to me give me strength to me. I know you said to work in secret, but I grow so weary of the roads ahead. 
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