JOURNAL: AceGreco (Trevor Devries)

  • Very happy :D 2003-06-21 08:03:36 wow... i can't even remember why i made that last post... lol... ah well... i've got all my vids up now and i hope the latest one wins me that AMV contest i've had my eye on ;) YAY!!! 
  • Argh!!! Why won't you UPLOAD!!! 2003-04-09 07:09:17 I was so happy when i got the e-mail telling me that i could upload my files... only problem is... I CAN'T USE THE PASSWORD I WAS GIVEN... it doesn't work =P

    Therefore, i'm stuck with my AMAZING VIDEO and totally unable to upload it =S

    Ah well... i reported the bug... so i hope this gets resolved soon!

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