JOURNAL: Keiji-san (Peter Andersson)

  • New Year and Narnia 2005-12-31 07:17:07 Itís finally time to celebrate the New Year! It will be a lot of drinking, eating and of course a lot of firework shooting. Iím really looking forward it :D

    Yesterday I saw the new movie Narnia and I must admit that I was a little afraid that it would be too childish, luckily it wasnít. In fact it was really good and I also believe it was pretty true to the original. Well it was many years since I read the book but I recognised almost all scenes from it. The worst thing about the movie (actually not that bad) was some of the actors. For example I didnít like how they handled the swords. A funny thing is that I think the youngest actor who plays Lucy played best.

    Story [8/10]
    Acting [7/10]
    Visual [9/10]
    Music [10/10]
    Sound [9/10]
    Review [9/10]
    Overall [9/10] 
  • Headphones 2005-12-28 13:11:53 Here in Sweden all stores are now having a big sale, from 25 December to New Year. Basically they are selling out all the trash that they couldnít sell during the year and all the people are out in the stores trying like crazy to make a good find. For some people like my father itís easy to spend a lot of money but me myself isnít lucky enough to find anything but trash.

    This year I was particularly looking for some good headphones but I soon discovered that the online shops still was cheaper even without any special sale. So today I made an order on a ďSennheiser HD555Ē and Iím so looking forward to test them out. Itís my first time buying these kinds of expensive headphones and Iím expecting a lot from them :)

    On the amv front I have made a lot of work since my last journal entry. Have mainly working with ďflyingĒ scenes. Sorry, canít tell more about them without spoiling my ideas for the amv. Letís just say that you will understand when you see it ;) I have also added some small and fast clips for the more powerful part of the song which Iím pretty satisfied about. Itís a wonder how much ďspeed fellingĒ you can get by just moving the camera on a clip around like crazy :D 
  • Mulled and spiced Wine 2005-12-25 13:08:31 This day has been a rather ĒslowĒ day to cool down from yesterday. Mainly playing games and watching movies, drinking some leftover mulled and spiced wine. Have done some work on my amv but not much... will try to do more tomorrow. And by the way today I finally finished Super Mario 64, all 120 stars collected. Now I will move over to play Need For Speed Most Wanted instead. Iím just waiting for my ordered game pad to arrive. 
  • Merry Christmas 2005-12-24 04:10:06 Don't have much time to write here today so I'm just going to wish all who read this a merry Christmas! :D 
  • Home sweet home 2005-12-23 15:19:16 Yesterday I travelled home to my parents place to stay over the Christmas break. Itís real nice being home for a change, especially nice to receive real homemade super food made by my mother. Much better than the usual fast-food that I eat :)

    Due to the fact that Christmas is coming up I havenít got time to work on my amvís. I just finished buying my last present and now Iím just going to relax the rest of the evening. Maybe watch some TV or play some video games. Iím still havenít collect the last 13 stars in Super Mario 64. 
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