JOURNAL: lordsteal (Mike Johnson)

  • Wow, time has come and gone... 2005-12-30 14:24:32 Well, it certainly has been a long time since I've even touched this thing. Well anyways, I've been gone a long time and I haven't really got anything to show for it just yet. I've been working on something for the past year that I think will take the AMV industry my storm. But I need more time. I promise you will love it thou. I will update you win I get more to tell you.

    -Lord Steal

    P.S. Seizure of Power 2 will happen! 
  • Link Dropped! 2004-11-22 21:35:33 Ok, I've gotten a few reports that my Indirect Link to my Seizure of Powere video was not working. Well checked it out can it turns out that Majin Planet (The site I'm staff at) has lost the media for my videos and can't show them for now. So, I deleted the link. So no more problems.

    Lord Steal 
  • Hey, what's up! 2004-10-13 21:46:10 Well, I've been really busy with school and work, so it's been hard to stay constint with you guys.

    Well, I've been taking two classes at my Community College (RCC). Just General Ed classes, nothing that fun. Plus with working at Target full time it's becoming really hard to find room for and AMV work.

    Seizure of Power 2 is still being delayed for technique reasons, but thier is one other project that I'mn doing that's really impressing me lately. Hopfully I will release it for early 2005. As for an late 2004 videos, maybe one or maybe two revised videos to finish off the year, but nothing big. I have plans to do a tralor and maybe it will be due in December or so.

    That's it for now, if you have any questions for me anything at all e-mail me at or contact me directly on AIM at lordsteal19. Other than that I will see you later. Peace.

    Lord Steal 
  • It's the little things that matter...???...Ya... 2004-05-23 23:59:35 Hey, today on May 23, 2004. I have finally reached 300 Opinions. Thank you so much to the AMV Creators that gave me opinions. With ouy you I wouldn't be here today, so thank you.

    Lord Steal 
  • Hey, lets update Shall we! 2004-05-18 22:20:14 Ok, well I've come to a few stops and had some progress coming and going, but I'm getting back on track. One reason why my production time is so slow is because I've begun school again and am having a hard time getting use to the new schedual, plus work and my daily life.

    But, anyways the BBIIGGG thing I told you about in Febuary may not work for one or more reasons. Because I gave myself a date to have it done by but it's coming really fast and I need more time to complete it. The date for the BBIIGGG surprise is July 10, 2004. So if I do get it done I will release it on that date.

    I've come up with a few other projects that may come before the BBIIGGG one. It's a Video Project I think you people will enjoy. This one has no exact date on which the first video will be released, so I'm not under any presure to finish it, But I know that you will love it.

    Well, that's it for now. Hit you back sometime, and if you have any questions on any further details that I might have missed, please e-mail me at I will answer as many as I can.

    Lord Steal 
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