JOURNAL: Bebop0083

  • the stage has been set 2015-06-17 15:39:05

    I'm narrowing down towards the end of the my first Dragon Rock Collection of DBZ videos. I have three more left to finished. I haven't decided which videos are going to make the cut yet on the first set. They'll probably appear some time during the later half of the year. Or when I get to them. What doesn't appear on this collection will appear in Stage 2. So you better get ready! For now enjoy these videos that I have released so far. The last three are the ones I have recently completed. Out.

    Cooler's Game

    The Androids Attack

    Big Fight of Miracles 2015

    Ultimate Majin Showdown

    Tapion's Darkness

    Fight with Pikkon 
  • new project started but.. 2015-03-06 16:38:59

    I finally started on a new project after completing my Garden of Sinners amv. I even made a "Contest" version of the video which replaces some of the really violent scenes with less violence... I actually enjoy that version more than the uncut version of the video. I may upload it eventually.

    Anyways I'm finally completing a Casshern Sins video that I started about in 2012 or so I believe but never finished it. I'm glad I didn't because I can use the blu rays for it. So I'm remastering what I did complete for the video then I'm going to finish it completely. But I won't be able to upload it here cause I'm using one of the org's blacklisted bands. So you won't see it on here but maybe the tube! Although I'll probably have a direct link available somewhere...

    I hate leaving things not completed especially when the video starts to pick up after the first 45 seconds or so. And its the only song so far that I can come up with for this series. Otherwise I wouldn't be bothering with it. That's about it for now. Out.  
  • the 1'staring people strike back! 2015-02-23 21:12:27

    Well it looks I'm getting one stars again wahoo! Thanks guys! I'm glad I have most of my stuff on direct links! Out.  
  • New amv! 2015-02-15 20:13:31

    Well I'm finally releasing my first new vid of the new year! It's on the anime The Garden of Sinners so it's a little violent. It's a direct link cause there are is some dismemberment. Check it out if you're not frightened by body parts flying...

  • searching, looking 2015-02-05 20:49:52

    Well lets see as far as amvs go I'm working on stuff. Slowly but once I'm done I'll have at least a few new projects out. (If anybody still watches my stuff) My remake of my Cowboy Bebop vid has hit a snag. Just want it to look good as it can before I release it. Might be a while on that one.

    Life news, it looks like I'm looking for another job. Got screwed over at my current place apparently my new supervisor doesn't like me and booted me out of my position and they replaced me with some lazy dude. And I've been there at the company for 7 years and my current position for 3. Guess they don't like people who really bust their asses for nothing. So I'm on the job hunt again so I can hopefully get out of there as soon as possible. Wish me luck. Out.  
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