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  • fire rekindled 2016-02-26 23:56:49
    (I got a fire in my eyes!) Sorry, got Fireflight stuck in my head there.

    It seems Samurai Warriors Productions is back on track I see...

    I have a new vid my self I'm working on and it's almost done. I got some new inspiration since I was in a dark place last time and needed time to sort things out. I've got my shit together for the most part.

    But the question is how am I releasing this video. I can't put it on the tube for fear of copyright violations. Who am I kidding? I don't really give a damn about that but it is annoying. I'd put up on the org but no one really downloads my stuff any more so I'd be more or less wasting my time. And I'm done with putting my vids on amvnews. That's the worst amv site I've ever been too.

    I could do direct downloads like I have been doing to avoid star scales, but that also alienates people from downloading as well. I'm kind of stumped. But I'll decide on something soon.  
  • looking for inspiration 2016-02-05 19:47:33
    Sometimes I wonder how long I'm actually going to work on this little hobby. It seems each time I think I have a good idea I stop before I really begin to work on anything. I've been really depressed and frustrated lately with both work and life that sometimes I don't really care about working on them.

    I tried seeing how well I would do at amvnews and I get so much backlash responses than that of the org. I was hoping since they were a little more engaging in the community I would do better there. Nope. Wrong. I've never seen a community so picky about amvs before. It's like its their life or death or something compared to the lade back community of the org where we just see it as a hobby.

    I've been trying to find new bands to listen too so I can get my self motivated once again but so far nothing has really hit. I've been focusing on another hobby of mine like drawing. I've been getting back into it lately and I'm actually not half bad. I've come along way since the last time I tried.

    I just need to find an anime I really want to work with and just stick with it. I often wonder how long I'll continue to be doing amvs. There's still projects left that I still want to do, but its finding songs that is the main problem. I'm running out of music that I like listening too. That and the fact that even if I complete any doesn't mean any body will watch them and if they do they'll just give me a shitty score any way. See my dilemma here?

    I mainly create amvs just for my self and what I want to see, but what's the point if people are just gonna shit all over it? It's getting kind of annoying lately. I know a lot of people would like to see me gone, but if I do that they win the fight. I barely do enough to stay in the game as it is.

    Well that's the end of my rant.

    I'm sure I'll think of something sooner or later, but right now nothing is in the pot. That's it for now. Out.  
  • last video of the year 2015-12-26 20:35:10

    Unless I can pull a miracle out of my ass; which is highly unlikely... My last video of the year before we hit 2016. So if I count all of the videos this year including my DBZ remake videos I have done 10 total. Now if we count non DBZ I've only done about five.
    Which is around my normal amount of videos for the year. I'm lucky if I can get anything completed any more. I have ideas but my interests are slowly dying. Its getting harder and harder for me to find songs to use. Well any ways here it is.

    Once and Future King

    An amv that mostly uses Fate Zero. I was bored while I was out on medical leave and needed something to edit so I made this. I think it turned out pretty well considering how short the song is. Well enjoy and I even put up a 720 p version for Rivals Reborn encase you don't want to download the 1080 p version.

    That's it for now. Out.  
  • christmas present from me 2015-12-25 00:45:20

    Here are two new videos that I haven't released yet that I have uploaded over the past couple days. I was originally planning on submitting them but due to some health failure I never got around to submitting them. So here they are.

    Rivals Reborn

    A remake of Spirit Detective Rivals in HD. The file size is pretty large. I plan on uploading a 720 p version sometime either on another direct link or via the org. But I doubt it since I have some haters out there that will just one star anything I do.

    Let Me Live

    An amv on the anime 009-1. This video took me just as long if not longer than the remake for Spirit Detective Rivals.

    I would of had a third amv up but google is acting stupid and not letting me log into my account to access it. And I don't have the video with me at the moment to upload it. again. So it will have to wait until I get back home to do so. Out.  
  • a few minor issues 2015-12-04 19:07:44

    Ok I guess I should address some of the minor issues I've been having with Sony Vegas 12 with 10 ( since in my last entry I said it was working flawless to an extent ).

    I seem to have more problems with Vegas freezing. It eventually works but it can get rather annoying at times and I have some trouble with rendering and saving projects at points. Well I guess I can handle these minor issues since on my lap top it didn't even want to work at all when I upgraded it to 10. So I'll take what I can get I guess.

    One of my videos is almost done. I just have a few things to smooth over first but its actually getting some where. I had some trouble rendering it in 29.30 or what ever its called in HD. It kept stopping encoding at 68% but when I rendered it in 23.30 or whatever settings it worked fine and didn't crash. Which was weird cause I was rendering my other beta tests in 29 frames perfectly. My only guess is that some of my clips were previously rendered under 24 frames and not 29.30 frames.

    Oh well, after years of editing you'd think I'd understand half of this shit by now but I don't. I'll take what ever works and reencode it at a later point if I have too. Also to point out that Sony Vegas 12 isn't supported under windows 10. Apparently there are more issues with Vegas 13 under windows 10 so I guess I should be grateful for what I can do. Whenever they come out with Vegas 14 I'll upgrade to that since it'll most likely support Windows 10.

    I don't understand why Microsoft just can't leave well enough alone and keep coming out with all these operating systems. Why can't they learn from the other platform companies like Sony Playstation and even their own XBOX and just release one every 5 years or so. Not like 4 different operating systems months of each other. Well that's my rant for today. Out.  
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