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  • pitiful 2013-05-20 23:12:42
    Well I see a certain someone has been busy 1'ing all my videos lately. They must not really have anything better to do or think that this will affect me in some way. Well guess what, nice try. I really don't care. I even find some of the quick comments left behind hysterical. Just sayin. Out.  
  • Easter Surprise 2013-03-31 14:34:59 I finally got around to uploading my 2008-2009 videos. Enjoy! I'll eventually get to my 2012 videos but for now enjoy these. The only ones that aren't up are my Bullets: Recalibrated video and Reasonless video since one contains music from Creed and the other some excessive violence even though alot of it was toned down by making it more of film noir vid. I'll try to put those two on reliable sources since my past links for those have expired or the sites went down...

    Here's what I have in store from the 2008 catelog.

    Bad Lover Blues ( Cowboy Bebop )
    Reaction ( Black Cat )
    Coming Home ( Trigun )
    Legend of the Knight ( Batman: Gotham Knight )
    Transcending Death ( Black Blood Brothers )
    Can't Lose ( Tenjho Tenge )
    Awakening ( Dragon Ball Z )
    Welcome the Curse ( Naruto )

    2009 catelog

    The Strongest ( Dragon Ball Z )
    Submission ( Street Fighter )
    Faith ( My Hero ) ( Fate / Stay Night )
    Dangerous Fragrance ( Agent Aika / Najica Blitz )
    Tragedy of Deceit ( Death Note )
    Sweat the Grind ( Various )
    VG5 Remix no Jutsu ( Naruto )
    VG5 Pinball Fury ( Dragonball )

    Enjoy these until I can get my 2012 videos up. Happy Easter and enjoy.  
  • slow but getting somewhere 2012-06-05 23:21:34

    So I've been uploading all of my 2010-2011 catelog so far and I'm almost done. Just have a few more videos to upload. I'll be moving on to 2007-2009. Its taking me a while but I'm getting there. I've bee able to upload a few videos a night since they take me about an hour each. Its better than my old connection where it took me like all day.And I'd be lucky if I wasn't kicked off.

    Heres the list of videos I've uploaded so far.

    Soul Eater Spotlight (Soul Eater)
    Your Own Feet (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
    The Hunter's Children (Claymore)
    Shoot To Live (Canaan)
    Extreme Noir Remake (Noir)
    The Tragedy of Living ( Ga-Rei-Zero)
    Netherworld Revenge Revisted ( Yu Yu Hakusho: Poltergiest Report )
    Dying To Live ( Shikabane Hime / Corpse Princess )

    Tomorrow I hope to get in a few more. I'm also slowly working on a new video. This time Casshern Sins. The work on it is also going slow. I still have to upload my last new one. But I haven't decided if I'm entering it in anything yet. Very doubtfull as it would do poorly. Out.  
  • old videos being uploaded 2012-06-03 17:03:46

    Well I've come to the decision to upload my old videos on here but any of my new videos from 2012 and up will stay on direct links for now. They'll be in high quality xvid versions since I can't encode in mp4 worth crap. They'll just be as good as MPEG 2 versions but only in xvid. I put up my first video up today. Shoot To Live so that is available to download. I'll put more up later when I have time and can figure out why xvid is not syncing my videos correctly... Out.  
  • People still do this really? 2012-06-02 02:25:35

    Wow. Someone just gave me all 1's just because my links aren't up... Really? Most of my vids are easily findable on youtube. Giving me all 1's isn't going to make me hurry up and upload them all. These things take time especially given my connection. Out.  
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