JOURNAL: GZero (Zero Gravity)

  • funnyness 2001-11-02 21:57:15 is is just me or does the banner section get funnier everytime i see it

    in a good way :)

    zero gravity 
  • contests 2001-10-05 16:12:31 my amv online contest started a couple of days ago and already theres a lil assumption of false play...

    out of about 130 votes between 20 videos, one video has earned itself over 80 votes

    well whats the deal with the it an all time 'amv great'?

    find out at the contest here:

    zero gravity

  • fight night 2001-09-30 01:11:14 just saw two people beating the crap out of eachother...

    yup, fights are cool, especially if you got money on the winner 
  • awa amv contest 2001-09-28 23:06:47 well, still no luck in finding a list of the winners at awa...

    if anyone sees this please email me at if you have any info on it...


    Zero Gravity Studios 
  • Yup 2001-09-10 16:26:37 Just Testing...sweet... 
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