JOURNAL: JG (Tim McConnaughy)

  • New Vid Idea 2004-07-06 14:01:24 I'm doing this one now:

    Love Hina to Outkast's Roses (radio edit)
  • Plans 2004-06-17 11:16:13 Megazone 23 - Moby (feat. Gwen Sefani) Southside
    Spirited Away - Peter Gabriel "Solsbury Hill"
    Re-master SaiKano video with proper DVD footage.

  • The Goggles Do Nothing! 2003-06-01 10:09:21 I had the worst trouble EVER trying to rip Voices of a Distant Star and get workable footage out of it.

    It started with an easy rip, that part was no problem, but then I stood at a crossroads. AVI or Mpeg2? Well, I tried AVI first. Got DVD2AVI (incl. in the AMVApp) and converted the vobs to a d2v project, then wrote a simple avs script to load it into Premiere. No dice. "Unrecognized exception blah.avs line 1". This continues for a while, lot of reinstalls, upgrades, workarounds, nothing works. Finally say screw it.

    Rip vobs again, use DVDx to convert to MPEG2, install Premiere 6.5 and modded virtualdub. Both read/edit mpeg2 fine. I'll take it... The unfortunate side effect of psending like 8 hours working on this problem was that once I had it working, the LAST thing I wanted to do was actually work on the video. Ha ha! Ironic. Oh well... I'll get on it today or tomorrow.

    For those interested (as if anyone reads this) the AMV I'll be doing is Voices of a Distant Star to Dave Matthews "The Space Between".

  • Plans 2003-05-30 12:20:31 Have SaiKano DVDs shipping to me now, I'm going to redo my SaiKano video with proper source footage when it shows up.. But first, my new AMV idea.

    I'm going to do Voices of a Distant Star to Dave Matthews "The Space Between". Isn't that terribly clever? I thought so. No one else seems to, though. Ahh well.. Here's hoping I can do it justice. Hoshi no Koe will be here soon, already shipped from AnimeNation. I hope it arrives today, it's one of my favorite anime.

    Well, that's it. Ja ne.
  • Nothing to See Here 2003-05-27 22:26:27 Just taking up space here... I uploaded my SaiKano video and joined the community today. Yay me.
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