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  • Freude schöner Götter Funken... 2004-09-14 14:57:04 I tried watching The Punisher yesterday and fell asleep befero reaching half of it. This has to be the most boring movie of the year. Today i chose a different genre and saw The Station Agent. And what a good choice that was. I recommend this movie to everyone (except maybe those who liked Punisher ;) And in case anyone is wondering what today's title means - dl HerbertWest's last amv, but be warned, that song is addictive. 
  • first post this year :) 2004-09-13 16:33:29 ...and nothing important inside. Just wanted to pimp a video:
    And watch the Connichi contest entries, they're all worth downloading. 
  • 2003-07-09 03:52:37 Finally, after almost five months, my new video has appeared.
    look here:

    In the other news, Many deaths of the true Noir is my first vid to reach 1500 downloads (and the second Noir video didn't even get ONE review).
    Lke anyone cared. Ja ne! 
  • it's me again 2003-02-13 05:43:13 the anime - Macross Zero
    the song - Placebo - Special K
    the video - Zero Gravity

    ready for download! 
  • get it while stocks last ... 2003-01-27 04:12:36 My new amv "The R-Files" is available. Have a go and get it! 
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