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  • Many many things. 2004-08-05 05:24:05 I've talked witha few of my friends here on as well as in IRC and various mails regarding my enterting AWA Pro, and so far everyone I've talked too seemed very encouraging on the matter. I've very happy that everyone is open for some friendly competition. In all honesty my video will probably lose cause I'm going to be going up against some creators who are a hell of a lot better than I will ever be, but here's to hoping. Also, for those who have been wanting my kenshin video, I finally got off my ass and uploaded it to the org. That means you'll all be able to download it again. I'll work on getting the others that aren't up soon. (TO be honest I dunno why I didn't upload them sooner) anywho I'm gettin a lot of things done, and aleady started workin on my next video project, though that one is going to be a major job. Unlike other amv's where I capture/rip footage from various anime and piece it together, this project will be entirely original, footage wise. I'm fairly proficient in adobe illustrator, and I already have the "singers" for the video created. (check out my profile mage, that's the "video" I'm making.) now I'm going to work on supporting cast, then finally "scenes" (I probably won't be doing many of those, it's best to keep it simple, especially since I'm attempting soemthing I've never done before. Which also means this could be a major success or a great big flop. if I don't go through with it, at least I'll have loads of artwork. 
  • Whoot!! Whoot!! 2003-10-26 21:42:03 Tuesday: Final Fantasy XI
    Wednesday: Crappy school performance due to lack of sleep (Just kidding)

    Actually I've been anticipating this game for a while, and I'm psyched that it's comming out on my birthday. Gonnabe loads of fun. A friend of mine who imported the game is gonna float over a worldpass for me to join him. And if any of you are going to be playing it, be sure to look me up if you are on the Ragnarok server.

    As for school, things are doing awesome, I'm getting a 94% in my english class and a 92% in math. which rocks. gotta keep working hard at it. so that pretty much means I'm going to have to do my homework even earlier so I can have more time to play. ^_^ 
  • Yay for me! Sailor Death becomes a Student! 2003-09-09 02:58:59 Well I've done it this time, finding the job market in as crappy a condition it is, I've decided to take a new career. Instead of making website, I've decided I'm going to do the more technical stuff, I'm better at building computers than making websites anyway, and I'm a nut for new hardware. So to better prepare myself for this new career path I've decided to enroll myself into college, so Sailor Death is now a Purdue Calumet Student. Been going to classes for about 2 weeks now, and I have to say that it's taking some time to get adjusted. But, it's been 8 years between now and high school. So I plan on making fulkl use of thier tutoring program they have available.  
  • Let the mailings begin. 2002-12-27 01:16:43 Well after some searching I found a page that said they "Aquire Domains utilizing proprietary algorithms" in other words, if the domain gets a lot of hits to it, they buy it and use it for advertising. Now I admit that I am pisses that some company is using my name for thier marketing, but I'm not going to be rude contacting them so I can get my domain back. What I need to know is how would I PROVE that I own the name. Like I said before I never registered the name as a trademark. So I may have a hard time proving to them that I have a legitimate claim to that name. (though ont he prior contact information I was listed as both the owner and administrative contact) anyway I sent them a message kindly asking them what I would need to do in order to get my domain back. I think I may register Sailor Death Productions as a trademark, but since it was taken from me they might have an easier time proving that they had it first (even though it's a load of bull plop) On the other side, I don't think they're going to fight too much for it. they're probably going to try and gouge me for a huge chunk of change. Anyway below is the e-mail I sent them. I'll probably post a reply.

    Hello, I registered the domain name approximatly 5 years ago. Unfortunatly I've had some hard times and I had to let the domain name lapse on the renewal. I just became aware that your company had recently purchased the name. All I would like to know is what would I need to do to get the domain back from your company. 
  • FUCK IT ALL. 2002-12-27 00:50:23 Times are tough, so I have to let some things lapse. like renewing my domain name. What happens? Some DEGENERATE FUCK licenses it, to make matters worse it's one of those sites that advertise hosting. What does this mean to me? if I want the domain back, I'm going to have to spend a lot of money. I didn't have a trademark on the name, I guess I should have done that when I first created the site because now I have no proof that I've been using the name for some 5 years now. GOD DAMMIT THIS PISSES ME OFF!!! 
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