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  • This is relevant to your interests 2011-10-14 15:40:10

    also, while you're here...
    watch mah AMV

    and then enter your own super awesome AMVs into my contest:

    Everybody wins! 
  • 2011-06-30 04:29:59 Just finished re-watching E's Otherwise...and now I remember why it took me so long to get back to it.

    Writing was pretty bad, and Direction was shaky. The story hardly explained any of the changes that happened. Fights happen just to have fights, motives left unexplained.

    The story also had a bad habit of hopping around to different plots and leaving them half-done.

    Character development...pretty much not there. The one big exception was a side character whose personality gets re-written a few times, but they chose not to really run with that as far as they could have.

    Basically, they tried to do too much 
  • 2011-05-03 20:30:51 I just got the most brilliant idea for an amv in the history of forever

    1: make some random amv
    2: apply gratuitous amounts of motion blur to everything that isn't moving
    3: release vid
    4: Get best special effects, most artistic, most original, video of the year, editor of the year and most improved

    Oh, and you can't steal this idea now
    ...unless you're Tsunami Jones
    in that case, steal this and make it happen right now 
  • 2011-04-26 15:28:35 Just reached 6000 forum posts

    Important news, I know. Aren't you glad you came here today so that you could find out?

    Besides the usual coursework, I've been busy trying to find a job.
    I actually got an interview last week, but I haven't heard back from the guy yet (I just left a second voicemail today). Given how quickly the guy called me after submitting my application, I'm kinda surprised that I didn't get a call back last Tuesday (interview was on Monday).

    Gotta get a job so I can get out of the dorms (6 years is more than enough -_- ), start paying back student loans, and start saving for a new car. Yeah, my first car ('87 Mercury Lynx) is on its way out. It should hold out for another few years, but it's pretty much at the point where maintaining it would be more expensive than a few car payments.

    One last thing (completely unrelated to anything I was talking about above):
    Looks like I didn't post how my Anime Milwaukee AMV stuff went this year. Yeah, it's 2 months late...but whatever.
    I ended up not getting my TVs this year, which was a bummer...but not that unexpected seeing how we moved off campus and the student government didn't give us a penny this year.

    I ended up with 2 screenings (one on Friday and one on Sunday), and a spot in the middle of the cosplay contest. The Friday and Sunday screenings went pretty well. Filled the room I was in (~80 IIRC) and had people standing outside on Friday. Unlike previous years, I managed to keep my room full for the entire screening. Big plus right there, that is.
    I managed to fill about half of the same room on Sunday, which is nice when you aren't expecting anyone at all.

    Showing the winners in the middle of the cosplay contest could've gone smoother. The techs for the facility wouldn't turn the volume up on the DVD at all, so the audio was barely audible :/
    I didn't get any time to tell them what I wanted to do, because the run through for the cosplay contest ran long (I was sitting through it for 3 hours to try to get a chance to run through my stuff). So I wasn't able to tell them that I had 10 seconds in between each video to talk and that I was prepared to rattle the information off within that they kept pausing the dvd -_-.

    Nothing like looking completely unprepared in front of 1000 people. At least I know I can speak in front of 1000 people. Still gotta refine how I present stuff, but it looks like I have the format down. 
  • 2011-04-01 01:48:50 Remember: Giving out free pants is always encouraged 
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