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  • My biggest AMV project EVA!!! 2011-01-20 00:27:43 Well now that I seem to have the whole dvd-ripping down, I've decided to start on my next AMV project. Funny thing is that this project is an old Multi-Editor Project that I had planned a year or two ago that is now turned into a personal project and the biggest one I've ever done. The music I'm going to use is songs from the Underoath album "Lost in the Sound of Separation" and the footage is going to be "The Animatrix".

    The idea sparked from my anger with the pathetic music videos made for the singles from the album. I hated those videos so much because they didn't match the music at all. So I decided that I should do something about it. As I said before, the original idea was to start another MEP using songs from the album. I mixed most of the songs together into a big audio mix and while doing so I would watch random amvs on mute on youtube. I would pick AMVs using anime that I owned and listen to the songs to see what immediately fit. The Animatrix was the first choice and I realized that it would be pretty cool to use one song per short-story. The reason I trashed it as being a MEP was because I had started picking which stories I thought would go best for each song and I didn't feel people would be into not having a choice in which story to use. It was sometime after this that I had some computer trouble and forgot about it.

    So that's the basic idea.The auido mix is about ten minutes in length so as you can imagine it will be a lot to edit. I might release a few of the tracks as I finish them to help promote the whole video when it is finally done but I'm not sure if I will do that. 
  • Long time no...journal? 2010-12-29 18:25:52 If anyone actually reads these journals I got a few things to say to you.

    1. thanks

    2. after reading some of my entries, I apologize for not only bad grammar and sentence structure but also for some of my really stupid comments. (most of those post are set to private now I'm that embarrassed about.)

    3. For anyone who is wondering about my current status as a amv creator, I have to say that I am interested but being away from it so long (and being after a few PC replacements) I can say I'm passionate to get back into it. It's going to take a LOT of research to be absolutely sure I have all the things I need to make any more AMVs.

    4. If you really want me to make any more or would like my involvement in a project of your, you can contact me and we will see were that goes.


  • How GOD Used a False Prophet. 2009-10-30 22:57:28 If you haven't heard about him by now, There is a man better known as "the Crazy Preacher" who travels to different college campuses to preach on his soapbox (so to speak). He has caused quite a stir at UNA this year and last year. A crowd of people would gather to hear him rant on about the sins of homosexuality Rap. The crowds would be filled with both Christians and non-Christians in disagreement with his teachings. People would cuss at him, attempt to spit on him, or try to preach back to him. It would be a hectic environment and very uncomfortable. However, I say this and I've missed both times he has been to UNA. All of this I've described to you is from how others described it as well as the video I found on you tube.

    The video was from last year, I believe. As I sat and watched this "Preacher" I started off thinking he was just a guy who spent more time talking about punishment for sin rather that the gift to be freed of it. But around the end it was clearer that he felt he was above the crowd and even was caught on camera saying "God doesn't love these people" (meaning the crowd).

    After the video was through I started to think about all he said and to think about what was the main thing he got wrong. I began to pace back in forth in my apartment and replay the video over and over again. I imagined what would happen if I was there. What would I have done? "Oh I would have told the true gospel and I would have....I would have....." I would have caved at the first chance he had to ask me if I was a sinner. If I was there, I would have stood before the crowd with no right to say anything.

    "I'm no saint. I'm no preacher. I am a worthless sinner. I have dealt with sins from both abstract and simple. I have held on to things of this world that do not please God. I have hated people, ideas, opinions, etc. I've hated with a blind passion. I am not worthy to talk to this crowd"

    That is what played in my mind as I paced back and forth in my cold apartment. I started to feel bad for the things I had done recently. I felt the preacher was trying to make everyone feel. Then it hit me. That was what the preacher was missing all along. He looked down on the crowd. He yelled at them for all the things they do or have done wrong. But what he never stated was that God himself hates sin, yet LOVES THEM!

    I was brought back to the movie Fireproof which had one dialogue that best puts that love in perspective. The main character talks with his father about his marriage issues. "It isn't working, Dad. She can't be reached. Every time I do something nice for her, she spits in my face. How can I keep showing love and constantly get rejected?" His dad simply walked over to the cross(standing in the field where they were), lean on it and said, "That's a very Good Question, Son".

    The message was that God is always loving us and doesn't stop, even though we do. The "preacher" called the crowd sinners but never once said that God would love them anyway and take them as they are. God loves us with passion like no other and wants to lift our transgressions. He want's a relationship with us, not shun us away.

    So I'm sure you are wondering by now why this note has the title that it does. The thing is that at this moment of pacing back and forth running all this through my head, in my computer I had a folder of porn I had been collecting over the last few days. After I came to my epiphany, I looked toward my computer. "God loves you even when you don't love him back", I thought to my self. "Why not stop rejecting that and love him back?"

    So I walked over and deleted the folder. I then typed this note for you as well as me; to pull my thoughts together. And now I sit and pray to God. I take a step toward God instead of walking away. All this because some "crazy preacher" came to UNA to speak false teachings of God. All this from what God showed me through it.

    That is how God used a false prophet.  
  • ........ 2005-11-03 08:01:48 ALRIGHT, I admit it. I can't stop making videos now. I've got one up now and I'm starting the one that wouldn't work over again. Guess ya'll aren't rid of me yet. 
  • A possible buyers guide jackpot dicovery. 2005-10-22 01:16:57 I had to go into a Big Lots today to buy something. As I was walking out, notice this little rack that sold those movies and shows from the bottom of the barrel. you know, movies that were not all that great and some that simply stink. Right by these movies were some computer games, so I looked over there. That's when it caught my eye. The possibility of finding an anime dvd in store like this, I thought, would be slim. The chances of finding one that was a very good and very popular anime was to me and impossiblity. Right there among the junk was a Love Hina dvd; volume 2 to be exact. I was shocked. Then I jumped with joy when I saw the price. It was $4.00. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? That dvd would go for $15-20 at Best Buy. So next time you pass by one of those dvd movie bins with all those b-rate movies, take a closer look. you just might get lucky. I know I'll definitely be shopping at Big Lots more often.

    By the way, if you find this story to be complete boring or un-interesting, please let me know.  
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