JOURNAL: Darkest_Night

  • Whoa 2006-05-18 00:34:49 So after a much-needed night of progress (of which I made much) I realized just how little Iím capable of seeing the projects I envision for the scope of the production process. The Introduction sequence is about 00:00:01;30 long, and it's composed of a good amount of FX shots. :| Its relevance is only to set the audience into the premise.... arghh... This thing is going to be ongoing foreva. Despite all the production time, what Iíve got thus far is looking good. At least I can revel in the production values. 
  • tylenol for any headaches 2006-05-17 01:08:45 mmmmm.....well, on the upside I haven't given in on this project just yet as I often do. Though Iím still working over the opening title sequence, which really blows. There's still so far to go.... It's got a title now:

    Samurai Post-Modern

    Exciting, Yo!
  • pppht 2006-05-14 02:41:07 Well, despite forward progress, I feel I still have a long ways to go. I've got about one minute in rough cut form, though Iím not decided on the titling Iíve been working with. I think it'll do good to take some time and make the needed determinations on quality. 
  • Moving foward 2006-05-10 00:32:39 The work continues, and so does my headache. theres a tremendous amount of 2d design and rendering that's going into this project, and the work is slooooow. but, so it is. 
  • an End 2006-05-08 21:17:28 The hiatus is over. And so is my schooling :| and here I thought the moment would never come. And just so I don't go insane without being able extend my creative edges Iíve set a goal to produce a new short every month, despite the demanding deadlines, it should be fun. May's project is all about Context. I'm going to take images within images and try to redefine the context within them. Rock-and-or-Roll. 
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