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  • AMVs 2003-12-16 01:07:26 I've been very quite on this front. I've been doing things like AniMix so I haven't made any full lenth AMVs lately, but I do have one started. A friend of mine made an AMV which he no longer likes. He really hates it actually, but I think its quite good for a 2nd AMV. The thing is he used digisubed Rouroni Kenshin episodes. So what I'm doing to suprise him is to re-make it using the DVD.

    You may think that re-making someone elses AMV using better quality footage is like stealing it, but its not like I'm going to be claiming it as my own. Plus hes a real life friend. Not just someone I know over the net.

    If/when its done I'm going to put it in the database as a collabrative AMV. 
  • My computer 2003-12-16 01:03:16 I made my computer a while ago actually. Its actually really pissing me off too. It has so many god damn little quirks an shit. Like it won't read 2/3 hard drive I have in it. The system clock's battery must be bad. The bios ask me if I want to setup or load defualts everytime I restart. It asks me which OS I want to boot to, WinXP Home or Pro, but I don't have Home on this one. Other than that its good.

    Sys detals:
    3 129 Gb HDDs
    1 Gb 400 Mhz DDR RAM
    Plextor DVD-RW drive
    Asus P4P800 Motherboard
    2.4 Ghz P4
    GeForce3 Ti
    Sound Blaster Live

    Thats all I can think of atm. 
  • Computer 2003-09-24 19:08:44 I'm building myself a new computer so I don't have to deal with this "family computer" bs anymore. I have everything except I made a few mistakes in ordering the parts.

    I'm buying everything seperatly and then gonna put it together myself. What I screwed up on is the fans and power supply.

    My case looked like it tooke 3 different sized fans. So I bought 3 different size fans and apparently my case only takes 1 size fan and 4/5 fans I bought don't fit.

    The power supply I bought is for a Pentium 3, and I have a P4 in this computer. Nothing about it being P3 or P4 was said online when I ordered it. Think I'll keep it and maybe make a little gaming system for LANs. 
  • My search for a job 2003-09-15 14:34:39 If people say its easy to get a job must have goten loucky on thier first try.

    I've been looking and trying to get a job since 17 and I'm gonna be 19 this month. I've applied at Target 4 times now. Best Buy at lest 7, Thunder Ally (Indoor go cart track) once, Main Street Video (Local video rental store. Best anime selection near me) once, Game Crazy (Hollywood Video's equal to Game Stop and Funcoland) twice. I just went to Only Deals (Either a Sam's Club like store or and place that sells shit from bankrup stores) to apply today. But apparently they are closed Mon-Tues for re-stocking. I will not work fast food.

    I did have a job once. It paid very well actually. $14.25 a hour. But the place was Vector Marketing. Marketing. I sold shit like a door to door salesmen and telemarketer. It was a 1/2 combo of both.

    I do demostrations of the product (CutCo Knives) to reletives. Get a list of contacts from them. Call the contacts and try to set up a demo for them. Go to thier house and do the demo and get a list of contacts from them.

    Plus they tried to do shit which I felt tried to combo my home life and work too mcuh. Like I was gonna go to a LAN party for a weekend. They call me and left a message for me to call them. They ask how its going. I say good. They ask if I have demo's for the weekend. I say no and say I'm going to a LAN with friends. They say ok. Try But try to put aside some time on Sunday to do some calling. I don't really asnwer. The conversation ends. I get back Sun. They call later that night and ask what I have for demo's. I say none. They say thought said you were going to do some calling today.

    I worked there for 3 weeks. 1 week to know the place. 2 cuz of the damn 2 weeks notice shit companies want. Had I not reminded them my last day they would still be calling me about how its going cuz they seemed to have completly forgotten.

  • Grr 2003-09-06 09:44:23 Can't believe this. 1st year of college. But I really wish they hadn't named the class I'm sitting in Web "Programing". Its a 4 hr class that just teaches HTML. I had shorter classes in High School that went into both HTML and Java Script, but this class doesn't go into Java Script at all. But I don't really care. I was expecting actual programming like php. Grrrr!! 
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