JOURNAL: Jebadia (James Llewellyn)

  • Holy Hell..... 2003-09-29 17:08:20 Well I didn't think both my vids would churn out an award at AWA Expo...but they did.

    Fire!! - Best Techno
    Gun Kata!! - Best Live Action

    Kinda makes me wish I sent in more videos...I was just too lazy to upload : 
  • Ahem 2003-08-11 19:56:35 Tidus100: does this "Hiya Tidus100!" strike your memory? 
  • Ziigy Sulgy Soozoo 2003-08-11 19:26:31 Tidus100: hehe I wonder why

    anywho, I've entered Fire and Gun Kata into the AWA Expo contest..good times. Perhaps if I finish my current vid on time I'll enter that too.. 
  • Phade Strikes Back!! 2003-04-16 21:31:11 Phade: I am so unbelieveably FURIOUS!! NOBODY had better even come close to pissing me off right now. Bannable? HELL YEAH!! So much for them using the site uploads or downloads, not to mention the forum. AAAHHHHH!!!!!! [pulls hair out]

    In response to the blasphemy a member commite under the terms of pirating and plagerism.

    Greatest moment by Phade evAr!
  • OWNAGE!! 2003-04-10 18:13:14 Well, I have achieved what I thought couldn't happen, I made it into the #1 slot in the top 10% videos list. Now I wonder how long it take until somone recieves an op that will bump mine down..or if someone who's more difficult to please gives mine a lower review score..

    Anywho, I finished Lavender, though I won't release it until the project is done with (god knows when that'll be) hopefully be shown down in florida by this summer (not sure about the progress of the project).

    I re-opened the Two Towers trailer project. It's not as good as I would like it to be, and I don't think I can make it any better, but I'll finish it up, and maybe send it to Otakon along with "Why!" and "Brotherhood of the Pwolf", though "Why!" is the only one that'll be competing, since trailers can't compete.

    Looks like I'll have to take summer school for English 11, yup, I failed it again, so if I have any hopes of graduating by the end of this summer, I'll have to take summerschool. I doubt it'll be very bad, 5 hours a day with one of the best english teachers I've had, ever. So I doubt much will go wrong.

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