JOURNAL: Ashyukun (Robert Babcock)

  • Annual Update 2005-09-01 11:02:47 Um, yeah. So I'm even worse about making entries here than I am at updating the 'news' on the front page of my site. "Forgive me AMVers for I have sinned, it has been 13 months since my last journal entry."

    Lots has happened since the last one. The aforementioned divorce happened in late December, and I'm now living in the Mid-West (generally speaking) having accepted an assignment with my company that put me out here in Lexington, KY. This makes certain things more convenient (AWA is now a driveable distance away) but others more troublesome (have to fly to AniBo, Otakon is a 10+ hour drive).

    But, for what these journals are technically supposed to be about: Bitching about and flaming other AMVers. *bzzt* Wrong. They're supposed to be used for info about AMVs and such.

    -I believe I have 5 or 6 new videos up since the last entry
    -My DDR4 segment is up by itself- I understand the entire project will be on the donut before too long.
    -ASLGBV & BGC:Streets of Fire were first entered at AUSA last year. ASLGBV somehow took Best Action- not bad for having been edited together on a whim over a weekend.
    -Callin' Baton Rouge (which I made over even less time than ASLGBV) competed at MTAC and was awarded a Judges Choice award.
    -Individuality went to ACen, AnimeThon and AnimeEvolution, and was runner-up in the Sentimental category at AnimeEvolution.
    -Everything About Guu made it into the Otakon contest finals and was the runner-up in the Upbeat/Dance category, and was also the runner-up in the Fun category at AnimeEvolution

    On current goings-on AMV wise, I have a video in the AWA Pro contest this year as I have the last few. Pro is just too much fun to -not- be a part of, and I'm actually fairly proud of my entry this year. I have just gotten started on my AUSA entry and am currently blowing through it, since I'm really, really loving both the audio and video sources on their own and they just mesh together so perfectly. 
  • Long time in coming 2004-08-03 15:39:34 Wow. I haven't updated this in pushing half a year. But then, I can be something of a posting whore (especially when you include things behind filters) on LJ, so it somewhat balances out.

    Bringing things up-to-date as quickly as possible-

    On the relevant AMV front:
    -several new videos up- The Powerpuff Revolutions (only on my site, can't be listed/hosted here), It's All That, and Youta's Love Nightmare.
    -TPPR took 'Most Original Concept' at Tekkoshocon.
    -It's All That got an honorable mention at ACen
    -Youta's Love Nightmare made the Otakon contest, though it of course got spanked badly by, well, most of the rest of the category. :p

    In the 'real life' front...
    -Now living in Stratford, on my own. My wife and I are getting divorced.
    -As a result of above, I have to new nekos of my own, Kage & Kuro
    -Had a wonderful time at Otakon last weekend with my friends

    I'll be busy over the next month and a half or so, with having two (albeit short) videos to have done for multi-editor projects- my RVG track and the DDR Project track I agreed to do over the weekend when its original editor dropped it. I also have plans for a number of videos that I intend to get done as well, hopefully before the end of the year (want to 'bank' some videos in case I can't edit for a while..) 
  • Boo! 2004-03-11 08:01:54 Looks like I'm going to average about an entry a month or so these days. :P

    I've finished a few new videos since the last entry- both (and a remaster of one of my original videos) are entered into Tekkoshocon's AMV contest this weekend, which is where I will be heading after work today (it's a rather long drive, unfortunately). The two new ones will be put up sometime over the weekend. Well, OK, that's not quite accurate. One will be put up here, the other will only be in announcements- the writeup on it will be on my site as well be the only download, since it doesn't fall under what Phade has defined as being 'legal' to be in the DB. Bleh. Oh, well- that's what hosting is for, and I always have mad amounts of bandwidth to burn. 
  • Whee. 2004-01-23 12:12:37 A month and a half between entries, I'm getting really lazy. No, not really- it's just that FFTA has swallowed my soul and I've not spent much time on anything else lately.

    This unfortunately includes my having put off so far doing any real work on my next video, my entry for Tekkoshocon in mid-March. Thankfully the con has an insanely late due-date for the entries so I've still got enough time. I want to have the custom mix of the audio and basic scene selection done by the end of the weekend. I also really need to be at least getting started on the Anime Boston panel intro. It will take more time and coordination than a typical video as I will (I hope) be working with other people to do voice work for it. But first, I need to get the script translated...

    Anyone looking down the list of possible nominees for the VCAs and scratching their heads as to why I'm not on the list (I hope there's at least one person, but I could be wrong. ;P ), I'm not there because I chose being DQ'd over removing PPG:R from the database. While I readily admit it isn't a true anime music video, I think it deserves to stay for as long as I can keep it at least, as it has been very well received and fared decently well in the AMV competition in which it was entered last year.  
  • 2003-12-03 08:11:04 I've once again been lax in updating this, but then I've not done a whole lot in the way of editing as of late. Most of my AMV-related time has been devoted to working on the DVD I'm making for Christmas. I need to be putting more time in on it too, I should have it finished and in the mail by the end of next week if I want it to get everywhere on time...

    Next likely video will be my Tekkoshocon entry. I've got a git of time until it will be due, but it will easily eat up all of it. 
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