JOURNAL: dreamingxashley (Ashley O'hArrigan)

  • My amv, and an idea... 2006-10-06 15:51:15 Yep. still getting amusing reviews about my Aoi & Chie amv. hehe

    I have an idea for an AMV, that I would love to try if I could pull myself away from Warcrack long enough. hehe. ;;>_>

    Use clips from Mushishi, and the song We, sung by BoA. I think it would work quite well... I can already think of some scenes that would fit well with the songs. 
  • lol reviews XD 2005-09-26 21:02:05 So.. I havent checked this site out in like, forever. lol. What do I see when I check in? new reviews on my admittedly bad amv of Aoi and Chie from Mai Hime... It amused me (a little too much probly) that people are still bitching about how bad it is. XD

    Seriously, why are you folks going through all the trouble of writing reviews for it when I *already know* its bad?

    But to answer the questions... like anyone is gonna read this... its Aoi & Chie, they are the under-represented yuri-subtext-couple of the show. :P So all the clips are going to be about them! It would make even less sense to have action sequences of Mai or Natsuki and Shizuru and have the title be Aoi & Chie. :P As for the song... I chose that because it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw them, that and there just isnt any other lesbian songs that come readily to mind.

    But anyway... someday I might make a better one, but its not on my list of priorities right now. ;)

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