JOURNAL: StellaSkye

  • DRUNK CHICK CONFESSES ALL!!!!!! 2006-01-24 22:06:42 1) without chocolate and cheese i would starve.
    2) without the internet i would be... more well-adjusted?
    3) i'm writing a story about the worst prince ever. and he's not even evil.
    4) for the last hour and a half I've had New Edition's "Candy Girl" stuck in my head.
    5) In my last video i left a subtitle in ON PURPOSE

    hey... wait..... DON'T SHOOT!!!!


    duuuuuude... i need a band-aid 
  • aaah, refreshment 2006-01-24 21:30:05 Rejoice! The boyfriend (whom shall this moment forth be referred to as the Cheap Redneck Giggolo) has fulfilled his purpose for the night (not *that* purpose, hentai!) and fixed me a drink so I will pass out early and therefore be awake at the ongodly hour i must report to work tomorrow. It aint hennessy, but it'll do. 
  • Wassup. . . 2006-01-24 21:05:04 As the mandatory overtime starts to kick my ass, the time I spend sniffing out stuff here is sadly limited. I've got opinions (no kidding it shocked the hell out of me too) and i havent gotten around to responding. maybe tommorrow. er... maybe friday when I'm good and toasted so i'm not obsessing over the nonexistent typing skills....  
  • Sh*ts & giggles 2006-01-22 23:20:03 (more of the giggling, of course) 
  • Ponderable 2006-01-22 17:00:45 So I'm sitting here watching a sub of Tsubasa Chronicle (forced on me by my "manly" boyfriend, and I think, "Jeez this is kinda *girly*"

    HIM: Well, you *are* a girl.

    ME: That's a biological fact not a character flaw.

    HIM: Well you're the one who called TC "girly".

    He has a point. So now I wonder. Is there a girly song that an Bleach AMV could be made out of, and a masculine song that would work with, I dunno, Sailor Moon or something?  
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