JOURNAL: Gene Starwind 21122 (Bryan )

  • Catching up on Reviews and continuing work on my new AMV.... 2015-04-24 13:22:16 So this weekend I'll be busy hanging out with a friend and also spending time on AMV stuff. Then I have to start getting Nekocon's AMV Contest Rules up this weekend plus the mystery category for this year.

    Anyways I hope to have a new video out in a few months.

    Gene Starwind 21122 
  • Am I that out dated... 2015-04-13 10:14:52 So I wonder if I'm that out dated in my editing style. I tried new things in my AMV Evolution and I plan on doing some more modern editing. However my AMV is still being called old style action editing. I mean the audience is liking it but it seems like my peers here on the org, not so much. I really wanted to think I did well with my newest AMV, considering it won 3 awards already.

    Anyways I'll be starting work on my next project after Tekko, and planning our MEP for Samurai Warriors Productions.

    Gene Starwind 21122 
  • Evolution Is now available... 2015-04-09 21:20:52 So after some delays Evolution my newest AMV is now available for download.

    I had a lot of fun working on this project, I hope you all enjoy watching it. A lot of memories while making this AMV.

    Gene Starwind 21122 
  • MTAC in 3 days... 2015-03-31 08:05:41 So I'll be heading down on Thursday for MTAC. I'm really nervous about this contest. I'm going against a lot of big name editors. I like my new AMV a lot and I really hope it does well. By far this is the biggest contest I'll be competing in just by the names that are involved in my category. If my AMV wins here it will be the biggest win of my editing hobby. I'm not going to say career because it's not, it's something I do for fun and have passion for.

    Now if it doesn't win, it'll be the same old story as usual for me. Make the big show but can't hang with the big editors. As of right now I have confidence in my new AMV, as I think it is one of my best works since Sending Freedom and Hunters or the Hunted.

    I know this may seem silly to a lot of you, but for me these contests do mean a lot. I like my style of editing and I'm trying to use more effects to enhance my AMV's but not to be the point of them. That's always been a firm belief of mine.

    Anyways, I wish everyone luck at MTAC. I'm looking forward to seeing all the amazing AMV's there.

    Gene Starwind 21122 
  • Fighting For Your Love Wins Hanadoki (well ties for first) 2015-03-26 07:27:12 So both of my AMV's Fighting For Your Love and Evolution made Hanadoki finals. Fighting For Your Love tied for the Win of the Doki-Doki Category. That's its second award now.

    I'm looking forward to MTAC and seeing how Evoultion does. It'll be my first time seeing it on the big screen at a convention.

    I'm having a lot of fun with my AMV's again and learning new stuff with each video. I hope you all are doing the same with yours.

    Until next time this is Gene saying "YOU BETTER GET READY!" For more AMV's to come from Samurai Warriors Productions that is. 
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