JOURNAL: Gene Starwind 21122 (Bryan )

  • More fired up than ever.... 2016-02-25 21:16:15 So after looking back at last year and knowing where I am at now. I'm not going to let fear get the best of me. I'm more determine than ever to create some amazing videos this year. I need to be determined and not let my fire die. I regret giving up in the past and I can't do it again. I'm ready to go! The road to Otakon and AWA begins now! 
  • Debating about retiring once again... 2016-02-21 20:30:37 So after the success of Evolution and Ani-mon, I'm left at a cross roads again. I realize I don't have the technical skills like a lot of the editors do. Part of me wants to keep editing just to do it, but I know I would not be a serious contender in action, upbeat or even drama. There is so much to learn. I'm also having a hard time coming up with a full idea from start to finish. So maybe a break is needed for now, after this project Seph and I are working on.

    Anyways I need to go and clear my mind.

  • @Bote Went back and watch War of Wrath. 2016-01-20 22:08:40 So I went back and watched War of Wrath. After all these years it still has an epic feel to me, it does not feel like a long AMV and yet it is over 5 1/2 minutes. That still is one of my favorite AMV's from you man. Here's to hopefully seeing new stuff from you.

  • Happy New Year everyone... 2016-01-01 00:12:11 HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. Looking forward to another great year of AMVs 
  • To who left this quick comment... 2015-12-21 16:14:13 To the person that left this quick comment...

    "The video was awesome in the respect that it really tuned up to the song and the anime chosen for this respect were really enthralling,but the concept of evolution in the ways of fighting seemed quite at odds,since there were moments like you went from naruto and dragonball z type fights to again the mecha ones,seemed out of order a bit ,but in a nutshell the video was awesome and the music was exhilarating!!! Waiting for some more great videos from your end :)"

    Thank you. You made a rough day, better. I'll be releasing another AMV hopefully by the end of January.

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