JOURNAL: Gene Starwind 21122 (Bryan )

  • Little set back on the AMV... 2015-03-01 21:13:16 So after working on my AMV all day since 6 am with a few breaks in between. I got up to 60% of my newest AMV done. I had to drop one of the animes I was using as it was not fitting like I thought it would. However it is coming along nicely. I'm just hoping I can have it finished by Saturday's deadline.

  • Gene learned how to use effects What????? 2015-02-27 07:11:27 So last night thanks to the help of Sephirothskr and Glory Questor I learned how to do a few special effects in Sony Vegas. I'm loving the new program. One of the effects I saw a chance to create one and went for it. Normally my thought process is not like that. Hopefully I'll have more ideas like these in the future.

    Anyways the new project is coming together however a little slower than I thought. I am liking how it is turning out though.

    Gene Starwind 21122 
  • Getting ready for Katsucon... 2015-02-12 10:46:49 So a few more hours here at work. Then I'll be heading home to pack up my car and going to the convention. Hopefully the snow holds off for a while until I can get my car packed. Looking forward to a fun weekend, and enjoying the AMV Contest.

    I'll probably do some editing tonight on my AMV while in my hotel room. So motivated for this new project.

    Gene Starwind 21122 
  • New Project finally underway... 2015-02-09 06:45:46 Hey guys, so my new project is underway. I've got about 22 seconds of it finished. I'm hoping to have the video finished by the beginning of March for a few contest deadlines. If not oh well it will be entered into other contests.

    I'm really excited with how my new video is turning out. It's reminding me of my old AMV's and the emotional impact and feel that they once had. I guess it just took sometime to get back into it, and to find the right song to do it.

    Anyways see you all around

  • The Pain... 2014-12-24 15:38:30 I've been at my new position for the past 2 days. Somehow I always manage to screw up my job, when I finally seem like I'm getting myself on track. I've said this before in my journal entries. While I haven't screwed up at my new position, the only reason I'm there is because of my mistakes in the past with the company.

    I feel like a piece of trash. I feel like my life has no meaning or purpose. I haven't achieved anything in my life. Well at least stuff that matters that is. I'm a failure and nobody would care if I'm gone. I don't really have anything to feel good about. Why should I?

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