JOURNAL: Elithaire

  • AARGH 2006-03-29 10:00:47 AH! now I understand! darn it... it would have been so simple too.
    can't do anything about it now though 
  • ops and stars all over again 2006-03-29 09:57:24 So I just got a message that I should have put my remastered version of PowerSurge under the original info cuz changing it screwed up my opinion score and star rating. I knew this would happen, but I didn't know how to upload a version with different encoding and put it under the same info so I wouldn't loose my scores and have to start from zero again. I know that the remastered version is nothing new other than better encoding - a new version of a video with better editing is not a remaster, it is a remake and should have its own entry - so mine truly was a remaster but I should have somehow put it under the old entry. I don't know how to do that though.

    Anyway, I knew this would happen...I didn't think anyone would comment on it but hey, It's not so bad. I'm hoping that after AB (if I get screened) I'll have plenty of hits. The new version is crawling it's way back up to where the other was anyway...(plus some of the opinions on the 1st version were biased cuz they were from my friends)
    oh well...I don' t see what else I could have done given my lack of knowledge and nooBness to AMVs.

  • REMASTERED powersurge! 2006-03-12 23:37:22 The remastered version of Power Surge is now available for download.

    It is now in AVI Xvid format.
    I was able to get this vid into both avi (xvid) and mpeg(dvd ntsc) formats, either of which I could have uploaded - there wasn't really much difference between the two. However, due to the request (silver_moon) I went with the AVI Xvid, plus I think it's got a bit of a 'crisper' quality to it.

    Note: the trailer is still has the former lower quality look to it (but don't be fooled, the rest of the amv is much better) due to some mysterious loss of the original Vegas file.

    Things get icky when the computer eats files... >_<

    Hope everyone enjoys! (there's still a few months before this hopefully shows)

    ...I enjoy knowing that from now on my amvs will be better quality!  
  • Power Surge remastering 2006-03-12 20:05:08 I've finally got Power Surge re-encoded so that it's better quality AND under 100MB. I simply had to get some better encoding software. ( note to anyone looking for good converting software - TMPGEnc XPress 3.0 is what i now use. It can convert from basically anything to anything with LOTS of custom control over the encoding process. It's also great of authoring to DVD)
    I've requested to take the first version of PowerSurge off of local download. As soon as that request goes through I'll put up the new version.

    Thanks to all who have watched ( and especially commented on ^_^ ) the first version. ( I Love the Org community!) I hope the soon to come remastered version pleases all.  
  • A Hopeful Start 2005-11-22 19:02:05 So, I've been a member of this site for quite a while but have just recently aquired the ability to create AMVs. 'Bout time. I felt bad before always downloading tons of AMVs and never giving anything back. Well, I'm new to this whole thing but some have already said it's "scary" how good the first video came out.
    I wish I knew a way to promote better. How, when starting out, does anyone get people to even consider looking at their videos? I've got no rep! No one's heard of me so how am I to get any hits. I've got 46 now and it's only been a few days, but it's stayed at that number a while now ( as if it's no longer posted in the same place that people were finding it at before) Is there some sort of "new" listing that it used ot be on or something? Dunno...
    Anyway, I guess I'll just be patient and keep creating. I figure that if "Where I Belong" gets into the nominees at AB than some people will hear about me and start checking out my stuff. That'd be nice.  
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