JOURNAL: kitsunebeolnet (Ken 'Oyaji in training' Smith)

  • 2007-01-29 20:56:48 But kitsune came back
    The very next day.

    Kitsune came back
    They thought he was a gonner.

    But Kitsune came back
    He just wouldn't stay awayyyy. XD

    Thanks Ben. Now I'm going to have that song in my head all night.


  • 2007-01-15 19:40:53 Developers

    Lather, rinse, repeat 
  • Big changes... 2007-01-13 21:27:11 Had a moderate stroke just after New Years. I've lost more motor control over my left leg and now stagger around quite a bit. (Does a one-legged duck swim in a circle?) Its bad enough that my work finally asked me to step down as supervisor and take a desk job at another facility. Things went smoother than I expected. Its the first time I've ever left a job being hailed as a hero as opposed to getting escorted out. I was so confused I didn't know if my goodbye speech sholud go like "Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth..." or something more along the lines of "Today is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack...err Ken Smith."

    Anyways, the stroke shook us up enough that I actually went to the funeral home today to pick out my final arrangements. Most things were agreed on except the coffin. I had my eye on this coral number. At least it said it was wife saw pink and squawked. I ended up picking out a white number but I have to come up with a design and have an artist paint the top panel. All told, my funeral is at $9000.
    I've got a $10,000 life insurance policy that will be signed over to the funeral home to cover the costs.

    As I said, I'm being transferred to a desk job at another site. Even though its for the same company, I had to interview with the client' supervisor at the new site. It turned out to be not much of an interview as a history of the company. (Which I was pretty much aware of from years of previous service.) I guess they figured if I could stay awake through that I'd stay awake through anything. 
  • Merry New Year! 2007-01-01 00:23:01 Beef Jerkey? 
  • 2006-12-22 12:51:21 Just read a news article that Reds ballplayer Ken Griffey Jr. broke his hand in an accident in his home. There's a guy who has spent almost as much time in the hospital as I have...but I've missed a lot less work. 
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