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  • Happy New Year~ 2008-01-01 20:44:30 Happy New Year Peoplez~
    Hope you made that New Year's wish and I hope it comes true XD  
  • Merry Chirstmas~ 2007-12-25 17:31:28 Merry Christmas boys and girls.
    I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted.  
  • New YYH AMV 2007-08-24 17:29:30 I released my new YYH AMV yesterday called, "Tentai Virus"
    It's to the song "Beethoven Virus" by Banya from DDR. If only I could remember which version of DDR. All I remember is that it one of the older versions of DDR. ^_^'

    This is my first AMV done on iMovie and I am overall happy how it came out.
    But you can read more of my AMV rambles on the comments section for the AMV.

  • ZOMG An Entry?! 2007-08-15 20:59:20 It's been over a year since I did a journal entry O.O

    I haven't made an AMV in forever since as we know WMM is the program I generally use, well it was being an ass and wouldn't work right. My computer crashed and I don't have premiere any more TT_TT
    So I was basically software-less

    But I just got a mac recently which means iMovie until I can get Final Cut Express.
    I've got a new converter and ripper for the mac and I'm ripping a DVD as we speak.

    There are various AMV ideas I have and some by the suggestion of friends, which I plan on doing them over a period of time. It'll take forever since I'm going into my Senior year and I can not afford to slack off. I must work work work work work. @__@

    Hopefully by the end of the year I'll have more than one AMV done ^_^'  
  • 2006-07-30 00:11:13 Ohayo Minna-san

    I'm here to annouce two projects I am working on.
    One of which is my first request AMV. The request was from Casada on youtube. After watching my Kurama, You're My No. 1 AMV she commented and asked if I do requests. Naturally I replied with a 'yes' and she was happy about that and requested me to make an AMV. Now she asked me to do a Kurama/ Yoko tribute to the song So Far Away by Staind. I now fully accepted the request and I am currently working on it as we speak. I hope it meets to her expectations. Hehe.
    Ok now the second project is a collab AMV between me and a couple of my friends, who are also in Anime Frenzy Maniac Studios. Currently in the Studios it's me, my best friend, and Kurama supposter friend (see SilverYouko-chan I said supporter not fangirl are we happy?) and another friend who is just really getting into anime. So everyone (excluding SilverYouko-chan for she doesn't know how to make one) is a part of this project and we may have another friend join us. She said she would want to join us if she could make AMVs and of course being the nice person I am anytime she figures how to make one and does so before we actually finish then she can join us. And the same goes for SilverYouko-chan too ^_^
    I'll have more information on this project later. Ideas, music and anime series (though I am for sure using YYH. There's just no denying I am primaraily a YYH AMV creator) is still being discussed between us.

    Ja ne
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