JOURNAL: dokool (Dan Orlowitz)

  • AB 07 submission: finished 2007-03-01 10:08:18 All that's left is to figure out why I'm getting jaggies on my MPEG2 and upload it to the FTP.

    Definitely didn't turned out as awesome as I'd planned it in the beginning, but it's still a solid work. In the meantime, I've got a new idea that I plan on starting in 2 weeks when the last bit of source I need comes out. 
  • New Project Checklist 2006-10-20 03:52:49 -Proof of Concept: successful
    -Intro script: Despite having typed it out in IMs a billion times I haven't saved it and should do so. I also need to find people to do the seiyuu work.
    -Source aquisition:
    >Anime: Need disc 4 (late November), possibly disc 5 (January - I'll need it shipped to Japan or I'll have to rent and rip the R2s)
    >Manga: Need to go through scanlations and see how the visual quality is
    >Other: Need to find other
    -Whole video more or less in my head: 80% pending knowing exactly what source I'll have

    This is going to be my greatest undertaking yet, but it's also going to kick major amounts of ass. 
  • Because I'm sure so many people read this... 2005-12-26 13:12:18 Last night I started on a new video (totally unrelated to the video I was referring to in the last entry). The song's 3:50, my timeline is at about 3:05. I hope to finish it tonight, and will upload it... well, in January. I'm surprised with how this one turned out, it might be my second AB submission. Of course, first I need a *primary* AB submission, but we'll see. I wonder what category it belongs in... 
  • Brief update 2005-07-01 04:10:07 Hopefully starting my new video soon - my ankle surgery was yesterday, so I have plenty of time to lay in bed and edit. Have to re-watch 9 more episodes of my source and then I can get clipping... also need to figure out how to do a sequence I have in mind for the end of the video.

    Oh, and a moment of zen, something to consider when life isn't going your way: No matter how bad your life gets, at least you're not Sammy. 
  • AWA Pro Vid... 2004-07-26 22:51:45 Finished and uploaded to OtakuVideo.

    Entry form printed out, have to find my DVD spindle and send 3 blanks and a return mailer in the morning.

    I think you guys will like it. It's... cute. But fun. And short! *nods*

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