JOURNAL: Tearx (Reba )

  • Meep. 2014-02-23 14:00:54 I think my goal of becoming more active on here has been going very well, even though I still stay in my cube of the announcement section of the forum. ;3

    I do not think I will be editing or releasing much anytime soon. Internship deadlines are coming up so I need to work on my demo reel/learn more Python during my "Creative time" XD

  • A Late Happy New Years! 2014-01-13 19:11:55 Hello everyone :D

    This news year I decided I want to become more active on here. I really love everyone in this community and wish to contribute more to the amv world. I shall begin by posting more in the forums!

  • AMVs 2013-10-19 03:12:49 I know I know.. I am so busy lately to even think now-a-days @.@ I still miss amvs and watch them when I have time.. I have 2 videos roughly done but am too lazy to do final touches..

    HOWEVER, I am some stuff I would like to say on here. I am a current Digital Arts major with an animation emphasis I've been trying to learn a lot of new things lately, but I am realizing more and more how much AMVs have given me a huge edge on all of my work. My school is a film school and it's like I already know the ins and outs of editing, coding, how to handle footage... conversion...I also feel all of my work in AE have all been influenced by the sync, timing, and flow in AMV's

    On top of that, I meet people from all around the world ehre with similar interests (a lot of us are pursuing somewhat the same fields) and I just find this so amazing...

    So, I kinda want to say thank you to the org for being so damn awesome.

  • What 2013-07-11 03:16:13 So after looking over some of my projects I realized I have about 3 projects that are about 80% done each. (they have been just sitting there for a few months now) hehe

    so lazy... ~.~ 
  • Summer time 2013-05-15 16:27:05 Hmm school is coming to an end, which means summer!! My grades still need to be posted.. I don't want to look T_T

    I decided to quit my retail job to concentrate on my graphic design portfolio and teach myself more stuff in maya. I am also applying to internships so wish me luck!

    Editing wise I have done quite a bit:
    -Finished 1 amv (need to clean it up)
    -Finished a rough Con version of an amv (need to clean it up)
    -MMV is still in desperate need to be finished. It's about.. 40% done
    -Other small projects are starting up as well

    Overall my editing has been a lot more active than last year =D

    Honestly, even though it kind of seems like I might not be doing too much this summer, I feel so energized and excited to work on projects that will help me succeed in my career... weeee 
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