JOURNAL: TommyRude (Tom Smith)

  • Don't listen to them, you're not funny. 2004-10-11 08:35:45 You know how anoying it is to have taste? I wish I WAS stupid so I'd enjoy every piece of shit that floated my way. More anoying than having taste is seeing amazingly unfunny videos get 50 reviews thta sound like:

    And some people wonder why I don't participate in the VCA voting. 
  • AFI < Misfits 2004-09-26 20:19:55 I used to think it was cool that AFI did a bunch of Misfits covers, until kids who've never even heard of the Misfits started crediting AFI wit the songs.  
  • Flashback to Anime Expo 2003... 2004-07-20 03:46:01 Well a whole year later my AX2003 video is finally ready for distro. The reasons being a CPU failure and my lack of skill using Xvid.
    Well its finally done and should be uploaded to the Org server next week.

    Oh yeah, my sites down too. Shit happens, working to get that taken care of.

  • Long time... 2003-11-21 09:00:12 Just wanted to break the silence to say...

    Quit raping the dangling carrot server with endless torrents of DragonballZ SHIT.
    Listen all you talentless little pricks out there, 99.9% of all the videos you DBZ freak turn out are absofuckinglute utter garbage. Every time I log on, I see the 'new vid on the block thing'. Most of the time, its a DBZ video. Most of the time, its a particularly shitty DBZ video. FUCKING CUT IT OUT. There's a limit to how much space is on the server, people. If you're going to insist on pumping out raw sewage, do it on your own damn servers. Although ideally I wish you'd all be stricken with bone cancer and be forced to have your arms removed so you can't touch a keyboard anymore so you won't even be able to MAKE THE SHIT.
    Your videos suck, accept it and stop taking up space that might otherwise be used FOR DECENT FUCKING VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!

    *sob* I wish Phade would agree to some sort of screening process, or at least some advisory warning on the upload page. "Please consider what you are about to upload. If said video is of unquestionably shitty, please refrain from adding it to the server." or something like that.

    Fuck anyone who's ever made a Goku/Vegita/Trunks/Gohan 'Tribute' video, and pray they never discover time travel so I can't go back and kick your moms down the stairs thus stopping the plague that is you.
    Speaking of tributes, lets touch on that for a second. Do you honestly think that if any of the people who were involved in the creation of dragonball saw your shit, they would be PROUD of it? Boy, I bet that was the first thing on that Toriyama guy's mind when he started it. "I sure hope that some day a bunch of kids with learning disabilities will pay homage to my work by taking random shots from the show and set it to whatever song is popular that week and call it a tribute to one of my characters. That'll certainly be a lasting representation of my legacy, won't it?"
    I repeat, fuck you. Fuck each and every one of you. Fuck you until you die then fuck your corpses. I hope each one of you is gunned down before you manage to reproduce cuz the people responsible for this crap can't exactly be gold medalists in the gene pool to begin with. 
  • Stuff 2003-05-20 14:12:14 The ARP website should be back online by this afternoon, so la-dee-da to that.
    On an unrelated note, I became an ordained minister through on of those online church things today, so if any of you fanboy/girl couples out there wanna get married at AX drop me an email. 
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