JOURNAL: Arkena (Vic )

  • mmm 2005-09-17 15:37:07 I'm gonna see the FF6 Characters project when it's finished with downloading, man, that takes time with a direct one! That's why I usually avoid a direct download...I prefer local one or indirect one ( but I avoid it also ).

    Well, yesterday, I've bought Evangelion Death and Rebirth and End of Evangelion...It's a chance that I've found it....with a YYH Dark Tournament Box but I hadn't enough money snif.....I'll wacth it sunday evening, at my appartement in Brussels, yeah, monday, it's a new year at the university...I'm doing cultural gestion as a third cycle....

    Yesterday, it was a special day: the new students, in first year, were discovering the university....God, it's so funny to see them with a ULB ( Université Libre de Bruxelles ) pack....And you, you're an oldie now...I remember that four years ago, it was me with the pack ^^.

    Well still downloading.....

    20 seconds......Yihhaaa now I'm gonna see what that FF6 project was.....

  • pff 2005-09-12 07:36:16 I'm not even able to rehauss my rating: 26 °_°. I've 952 op but I can't even say that my things are good.

    Well at least, it's not OH DUDE IT'S AWESOME in gen comment without a good or bad point....I'm trying to honor the fact that I can express my feelings, so if I see something, I say it...

    Well sorry for those who think that I'm only doing a curse to the top....but I'm not. I'm trying to do my best for detecting some things. Hell subtitles don't bother me and it could be a bad point in plus ^^.

    Hey, a kiss for all the creators and particulary the french ones^^ ( well belgian too^^ )

    Hehe go Kim!^^ 
  • Yahooo 2005-09-10 15:03:08 I'm officially an archaelogist now. I'm thinking about a master in the cultural gestion...

    Well I've made an intensive downloading two or three days ago 'cause I wanted to see a lot of video. Well, I've been descending to 26.2 to my regret and I'm trying to return to 27. That's very very difficult for me sometimes.


  • Misinterpreting 2005-08-24 18:49:42 Someone just misinterpred my words. Not really something to worry but well, I explained what I was meaning at the time. Even if the comments wasn"t rude, it was like....I was an idiot, it was my feeling. Right, I do not know how making AMV. But, hey, I know sometimes that's difficult to be sync. I mean, sometimes, I play stories ( that I'm writing ) with music in background and I'm frustrated when I'm not really sync with the part of the story and the music. 
  • still dbz 2005-08-18 15:06:32 Yes i'm on my phase dbz, after the Yu Yu Hakusho, CCS, GTO, Hellsing phase.

    I'm still with 27-28 on useful thing but I can't really make long opinions, 'cause of the words but also because of my lack in technical stuff.

    I'm waiting for defending my work now.........

    Still waiting the next video of bebop0083, arigatomina, *inverse*, full metal sempai...

    Kisses from belgium

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