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  • I LIIIIIIVE!!!! @_@ 2010-09-15 22:33:34 So, I went on hiatus for a while. Rafe went to Iraq, and I got a job while he was gone, mostly because I was bored. And then that started taking up most of my time. Then my old comp, Bob, crashed. Then Rafe's comp crashed. Got mine up and running again. Then Rafe got me a new comp. Then Rafe's comp (which had a bunch of my AMV/anime files on it) got back up and running. Though Sousuke (my one external) died, taking a lot of important files with him. But I have Kamina (new external). Then I was spending time with other hobbies. (drawing and figure collecting.) And now I think I may try and do AMVs again. So yeah. XP 
  • Damn kids! 2009-08-22 02:50:22 Ghet off my lawn!! *shakes cane* 
  • @_@ 2009-08-14 09:05:30 HUGE scare. I thought Sousuke (my 500gb HD) crashed and died on me. I kept getting errors, then when I restarted, none of the files were on him. (So I thought) I was completely freaking out. Some of the stuff isn't too big of a deal, but my pic folder is on there, with several gigs of pics, photographs from my camera, the original files for all my drawings, etc. Not to mention that was the HD where I put the Ouran lags, so my Honey vid would be hosed. And there's probably a bunch of other stuff that would be missed too. Well, I looked up the error, and it turned out it was a prob with the system cache. I just needed to disable the cache option. So everything is still there, I just couldn't see it. But it's still not in stable condition, so I still get some errors. I found an article on other fixes, but they're more involved, and I don't feel like dealing with them right now. So yeah, when I thought I lost everything, I dropped out of Ms. Anime Universe, because I thought all my Mao pics were gone. I think I'm going to stay dropped out, because I can't get stuff to work consistently enough to do my entry. Which is a shame, but eh, she probably would have been knocked out this round anyway. I'm actually really surprised she hung on this long. lol Anyway, I was wanting to get another HD anyway, so I think next month, I'm going to replace Sousuke. Probably get another 1tb, like Link.  
  • You know what would be interesting 2009-08-03 04:10:24 'Toy Story', the otaku edition. I was just looking around, and there's anime figures and plushies all over the apt. (And some non-anime) And there are many others who's place is like this, if not MUCH worse. And I was thinking about how interesting it would be to see all those figures and toys interact with each other. I mean, just here in the office, there's Squall, Sephiroth, Hello Kitty, Kyon, and 2 Louises, plus Ed, Al, Roy, Winry and Tifa Trading Arts figures still in their packaging. It would just be interesting to see how such an odd combo of characters would interact with each other. Though I might feel a little bad for the Ryuichi plushie. He's in the bedroom alone with the Lenore figures and the Living Dead doll. 0_0 And who knows what would be going on in the living room, since that's where the majority of the figures and plushies are. :O Anyway, an interesting thought. :P 
  • YAY! 2009-07-31 05:02:47 My Kamina figure is about to ship. *SQUEE!!!* Smexy figure! *^_^*

    So, I got a set of FMA Trading Arts figures on clearance from a different site. Actually, I was just wanting the Ed figure. (It was of something close to the "ripping jacket off" pose from the beginning of the series. You fangirls should know that one. *^_^*), but the place had the entire set (Ed, Al, Roy and Winry) on clearance for the price of just 1 of the figures. Yeah, not ordering from those people again. First, I get a notice from the post office about when the package was supposed to get here saying a had a package with about $3 postage due. -_- Apparently, they charged me shipping for like 1lb or something, when it was a little over. Really people. Pay attention to shit like that. I would prefer to pay more in shipping and have my package come right to me than to have to pay to get it. Then I open the box. The figures were in the blister card packaging. 2 of them (Roy and Winry), were open. Though I would guess from the way the plastic part was cleanly separated from the cardboard that the glue just came unglued. But still, shit like that shouldn't happen. Though, that may be why they were on clearance. Which I took into consideration. If I had paid anything approaching full price for them, they would have gone right back in the box and gone back. But instead, I just glued them back onto the card and went on to rearrange shit so they could be displayed. But at least the Ed figure was in perfect condition. *^_^* Yeah, "on paper" we're just going to say the Winry figure is Rafe's, as not to ruin the Wurpess all male figure collection. >.>

    And I found a Mugen figure that I had turned into the new "ZOMG! CRACK!" figure. (As in, the one I couldn't stop thinking about and absolutely have to have.) Well, I might have to forget about it. Everywhere is either sold out, or their Pre-order tag is a lie. -_- I found a couple places in Europe that had them. So I guess if worse comes to worse, I can always go that route, but I don't know if I want to think about the shipping charges. Anyway, kinda bummed out about that. It was a freaking awesome figure. ;_;

    But YAY! Kamina! :D

    Yeah, I think I'm just getting too into the whole figure thing. -_- I really need a job, so I can afford said impending bad habit. :P

    Anyway, got copies of the marriage license today and got everything squared away with the Army and they now recognize me as a dependent. YAY! And now, I should get some sleep. :P 
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