JOURNAL: =DarKNesS= (Nik )

  • BIG TROUBLE! 2005-10-26 06:36:21 I'm almost done with my new AMV "Advent Children Of Bodom" but I have a serious problem! I can't compress it! My machine can't compress it right to AVI file (I have a REALY slow machine), when I play the vid that i compressed, it stucks like HELL! I tried using many codecs but nothing helped :((( Now I'm in doubt, should I enter the vid in wmv format (the size is 105mb, only the vid itself, I also done start and end that both taking+10mb), or run the whole thing through WMM (even if I'm choosing 2,1bitrate, standart quality, the quality sucks). So if someone is reading this, and know the solution, or some good compressing software, please contact me (my MSN, ICQ & email in my profile). Well, I'm doomed :(  
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