JOURNAL: Khameleon808 (Josh Prescott)

  • OH YES im back, the dinosaur of live action 2009-10-28 19:18:01 Over 100 Movies , 3 songs, 10 minutes. 1080p footage Holy $#!7 right? everyone gather around The Apple Tree

    This video initially started out to be a follow up to my 2003 video Trailer Park. Which had over 50 sources and even has a standing contest that says you or anyone you know cannot name all the sources used or i would purchase a dvdboxset of your choosing.

    This video today has no mystery attatched to it. All sources disclosed and readily available on yahoo, moviefone, or apple

    All sources are 1920x800 or higher.

    As with any beta, im well aware of certain imperfections in beat/clip sync, if you do feel the need to still inform me of ones you spot, please feel free to leave me a msg on youtube. Keep in mind however if you do decide to download the full res version off my youtube page, make sure your pc is up to the playback challenge. there is a 960x400 version on my youtube page as well. any feedback is welcome  
  • Can someone explain this to me? 2008-03-04 01:34:13 It it very funny to me when shit like this can happen. Now there is this guy on youtube

    who doesnt even take the time to cut my credits out of the video lol so it clearly says i made it. I never seen anyone so stupid in my life 
  • 2006-03-20 01:42:20 "I saw you boil a hotdog today. You get paid for that?" _FL 
  • FIRST AMV!!! 2005-06-30 03:59:22 well enough crap , heres my first amv , its not a long one ,i wanna pace myself

    I had a spot of fun makin this too so i know i will want to make more 
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