JOURNAL: SacredArrow18 (Jenna Hescht)

  • Beta 2013-07-02 18:54:10 Working on a music video with Kimi Ni Todoke. Been awhile since I have made any anime music videos, but since I don't have a job anymore I have plenty of time, well except for taking care of my daughter of course who will be 2 very soon! the years have gone by way too fast. I hope to keep this going with making music videos, I miss the anime music video seen so I am trying to try and stay active this time...although Aun Studios I think is long gone now........which is sad....I don't know if i should find a new studio to join and just try to revamp AuN Studios with new members or what. I do know everyone has lives so things happen. Just sucks that AuN Studios is dead now..pretty much.  
  • Another YAY. 2008-01-06 20:06:30 Another yay from me now having windows xp on my laptop now instead of vista. cause vista sucks!!!!!! Nobody ever get vista. it sucks big. xp is sooooo much better. and now my laptop works great.

    and dell said "oh u cant put windows xp on the new laptops" hell u cant....LOL. THEY WERE WRONG. CAUSE THATS WHAT I HAVE ON MY INSPIRION 1521 Midnight Blue Laptop.!!!! so what now DELL? HUH HUH?? lmao. yeah Im being goofy. but I have just been sooo happy these past 2 weeks it feeels sooooo great!!!!!!!! 
    and for only $7.44!!!!!!! and now I just ordered the first 1 off a site for $10.93 which isnt so bad, now I can have the movies I wanted that anime for so long, but couldnt find it but now I did. so yay!!!!
    and now I wish I can edit my my-hime music video I am working on, but gotta get the sapphire and boris effects back into my premiere before I can do anything. so waiting for josh to find the serial number for one of them....hope u find them!!!!! So I can finish a video and have one released this year!!! so I CAN MAKE MORE!!!!!!! Im going to edit like crazy!!!!

    and oh I still have to work on a mep segment I have joined..ahhhhh!!!! I totally forgot. well I guess I will have to start editing that once I finish my video and then I will put my heart and soul into this segment. hehe. using moonphase!!! although gotta watch it I remember the scenes and picture scenes in my head for the song I am using for the segment. so well im off now. and good luck to everyone else editing. I have seen some great videos this year. and I hope there is more to come!
  • To All Members of AuN Studios 2007-12-08 09:51:29 Hey everyone. I need something from ya!!! I would like for each of the members of our studio to give me about 5-6 artwork/graphics pictures from what u guys made (it can be anything u made, music video ads/profile pictures/etc.) So I can use them for my Flash Animation Project I am doing.

    The project I am doing is a website in Flash, which is going to be my final for that class. It looks sooo pretty and awesome. You guys will love it and I will show u guys the flash movie of it so u guys can see what I did for my final project for Flash. (if u have macromedia flash 8) Its something simple..and kinda girly though. but thats alright, it sitll looks pretty anyways! so if u guys want to see it after the end of me finishing it just IM Me ok???!!!!!! ^_^
  • ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. 2007-11-30 21:58:31 omg..seriously...this shit needs to end....yeah just keep egging on everything going on in the ayumix 2 announcment thread. everybody...GET OVER IT!! AND STOP THIS NEGATIVITY AND FLAMING. GEEZ.

    and none of us editors think we are better than everyone else just because we were in this mep, get over your lame ass selves. 
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