JOURNAL: Nappy (Richard Cole)

  • 2004-03-31 21:37:35 AX deadlines coming up in a month, guess I should start my vids soon :

    I had all year to do them and just like last year I got a month left and nothing started >_> I was hopin to make 3 this time too..
  • 2003-10-30 15:33:37 Don't think I'll be online too much for awhile, I really need a new computer :| Someone gave me a straight 1s op. for Stop The Rock? *sigh* 
  • 2003-10-01 19:22:56 My computers been messing up the past few days, it will freeze up and sometimes go black screen. When I reboot the letters are all messed up like it says mivrosofd and the compaq logo is all messed up too. When windows starts, the letters are normal, but the display is in 16 bit and low res. I reinstalled the video drivers and it will go back to normal, only to freeze up again later. Not sure if it's some new virus or my video card is just dying on me (not sure what they do when they die o_O)

    *me sad* 
  • 2003-08-26 09:24:12 I need a job ;_; someone give me a high paying job, where I don't have to do anything ._. 
  • o_O 2003-08-23 17:48:47 So I guess theres a mini thread going on in the journals, which are annoying since I don't know who said what unless I'm sitting here reading all the new entries :l

    Anyways, I said something about this before about the donut. Yes I agree theres alot more poor vids available now, there has always been alot of poor vids. The real difference now is they are uploaded, instead of being linked incorrectly (hosted on geocites, which doesn't work, or some dead site, linked to kazaa's homepage, etc.) Honestly I don't care, I tend to only watch vids that are on the lists, contest finalists, or recommended to me, sure I could miss some good ones, but if they are all that great I would hear something by someone eventually no?

    As for all the creators of these videos, let them be. I don't see why they shouldn't be allowed to make what they want, and show it to whoever is interested. I don't see how using the "flavor of the month anime/music" equals they just want to be popular. I mean OMG maybe the flavor of the month is their favorite! or at least the month they made the video it was...

    The donut is like a huge video store now, with sections like new releases and critics choice, but genre sections have both blockbusters, indie, and peoples home movies in them :P you can get one that says top 10%, contest winner, two thumps up by AD & Ermac or the blank one. Don't blame me if the blank one is a waste of time, but write something on it if it's not. 
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