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  • Want to follow? 2009-06-19 05:24:19

    Curiosity and alcohol made me do it. 
  • Not a Lord anymore! :D 2007-10-19 07:22:33 The day has come! It's the end! And a new beginning too!

    ...umm, okay, it's just I... have my username changed at last :D

    I wonder why I haven't asked for it earlier... it was so simple... thank you, dokidoki ;)

    So the lame Lord is gone. Only the real, pure AceMan remained.
    It is his time, his era, his reign...

    And he will never fall. 
  • Let's write something... :) 2007-05-28 03:40:34 Wow, I'm writing an entry in journal... I've never thought I'd do something like that ;)
    I've always been against every kind of blogs and stuff like that, but recently I found myself enjoying them quite a lot, especially the ones here, so I thought maybe I should try... Well, people change, after all :)

    To tell the truth, I'm not sure what I want to write here now :)

    Maybe let's start from information that after finishing my "Daydreamer" video, I disengaged from "Nano-da Productions". This was a small group created by me and my friend Kreton (KRT2 profile here). I think existence of our group has been a little pointless lately, since the only active editor was me. Besides, I've always liked being independent ;)
    So there is no AceMan of Nano-da productions anymore. Just AceMan ;P

    Oh, if we're on the topic... my username on really pisses me off sometimes ;) I mean this lame "Lord" before my nick. The thing is that when I've been trying to register, "AceMan" was already taken, so I had to add something to go through the register form ;) I've never thought that I will start making vids and people will be calling me per "Lord" :D So, if you ever call me by my nickname, please skip the "Lord" thing... It's a lame word ;)

    (hmm.. I think I'll add this note above to my profile as well.)

    I'd like to write something about my vids. Well, not much.. I don't really like to talk about my projects before I finish them :) Right now I'm working on video for the biggest polish AMV competition called KTA'07 ("Konkurs Teledysków Anime" - which means just "Anime Music Video Competition"). I don't expect to win with it 'cause I'm afraid it's plot won't be understandable for most people ;) But let's hope it will...

    In the description of "Daydreamer" I wrote that I have some kind of Big AMV Project, as I call it. Well, that's true, I have in my mind some large idea, but I'm not really sure if I ever manage to make it. It would require a lot of work and effort, and since I'm a really lazy bastard, things like that make me tired ;) That's why I like to focus on simplier projects, which can be made in couple of days. Well, maybe some day I'll force myself to make something "more difficult". We'll see...

    Okay, time to finish this short entry ;) I still don't understand why I am writing this and I don't know if somebody will ever read my note. But damn, I'm starting to realize that it can be fun somehow. God, save me... 
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