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  • aaa 2010-09-12 03:44:18 Amvs Are Awesome! See? That title wasn't pointless, it was just abbreviated. God, I'm stupid. I need some sort of outlet, so I'll just use this place because of it's coolness and the fact that I haven't posted here since 2007.

    I remember the reason I posted what I posted (a stupid story I made up most likely just for the occasion) back then. I saw someone else's journal, or rather the beginning of someone else's journal. (reading whole journals? What a bore! Reading the first sentence? How exciting) It said something like, "I'm not feeling very poetic right now." which translated in my head to, "The journal posts should be of poems and stories and wonderous things." So you know the rest. (Read my previous entry you dumbass [can I say that here?])

    I haven't really done much amv making lately. I've tried to start several things that always end up getting canceled or forgotten about because of the small amount of space I have on my hardrive. My attempts have transformed into ones worse than the king of laziness. I have resorted to using freaking WMM for nearly all of my latest projects, which get dropped immediately as a result. Goodness, how terribly boring am I.

    The last exciting thing that happened here for me was the viewer's choice awards and the judge's choice awards. My favorite one won the judges, but not the viewers for amv of the year. It was "Time," and it was awesome. I really hated the one the viewers chose for horror, for it wasn't scary. It was another lame ass "This is Halloween." shitfest (oops?). I really wish the judges choice, which actually was scary, won the viewers. Yeah. Nothing else to say.

    My venting is stupid. everything is stupid. My life is a scumbag living on the streets, feeding on the books that people often drop afloor. Most people don't call them books. Other names are chosen instead, like, "Porno," and "Scraps," and "Toilet Paper," and "Pages." Whatever, I'm fine with that. They can call them what they want. I know I am right, so I don't need their approval.

    The lights here often go off at night (you know, the time you might actually NEED them), and buzz like clean houseworms during the day. They combine themselves somehow with the blinding son and try to gouge my eyes out without my permission, but I am too smart for them, for I wear fucking sunglasses.

    I saw a lot of cars pass by today and some of them even honked hello. Or was it fuck you? I can't quite remember. It might have actually been a combination, a gray mixture of the insult and the greeting, which can mean the same thing.

    I fell down today. Good luck getting up, jack. Oh that's not my name. What? Did I forget that too? Damn. I guess I'm loosing touch with reality much faster than I can comprehend. I'd better finish this stupid journal entry before the people start yelling helpless cries of tl;dr. I need to wash myself of this mess, dammit, but my brain is currently in there, so I have to wait until I'm incapable of doing it myself and hope some elderly dude decides to have pity on the mindless drone before him or her and lift me up to throw over the banister. What's a banister? Dammit, I forgot that too. Wait? I just repeated myself. I did? Well that really flipping sucks, now don't it?

    I think this is the end, the end of the long tunnel of bricked words stuck together, but there is no light, so I guess I'm not dead yet. Don't go toward the light. What a negative phrase. Isn't light supposed to be a positive thing in general, so it's like saying, "Don't go toward the general happiness." No! They want you to go toward the dark! Well here I come, end. I hope you enjoy the shove. HSOPFIDHSK!  
  • 2007-02-18 05:22:40 Here is a really weird story that I wrote. It's kinda hard to understand but you might enjoy it anyway so here you go:

    It in side, those words are used a lot in this story that I'm about to tell you. You'll see when you read it, and you will
    also understand perfectly why I told you this. Ahahahahahah, I'm insane.

    In a town far away, there lived a dragon, it was a very dumb dragon that did absolutely nothing to help itself. It lived
    along the side of a gigantic mountain, a mountain made out of many tiny ITS.
    ITS are creatures that turn themselves into stone with great powers. If they turn themselves to stone, they will end up
    not being able to turn back and end up being rocks forever.
    This mountain's side also had an IT that was smarter than the rest of them, it was called the IT king. The it king was
    bigger than the dragon, for it had consumed a bunch of it's own kind and sided itself with cannibalism. If an IT does this
    it becomes bigger then it was before.
    So the IT king tried giving the dragon an order to move from the side of the mountain. The dragon just ignored the IT,
    but then IT threatened to kill the dragon. The dragon still ignored it. So it got the IT king extremely angry.
    The side of the mountain had plenty of space for both of them, but then a day later, a third creature came along. It was
    called the IN. The IN is a creature with eight legs and seven eyes. It is seventy feet tall, which would be slightly taller then
    the IT. The IN told the IT king to move and the dragon just slept on the side where the IT and IN were fighting.
    Then the It started to rain and the IT decided to go in the side of the mountain. It broke a hole in the side and went in the
    hole. The IN tried telling the dragon to move just like the IT did before, but it didn't want to move so it just stayed there. So the
    IN decided to go in to the side of the inside of the mountain.
    IT king had actually set a trap for IN, because he new that IN would follow it in the side of the mountain. IT was just
    about to trap IN when the dragon woke up, it had fallen asleep. It decided to just stay where it was on the side of the mountain
    just like it always did.
    Then IT king trapped IN and IN got trapped in the side of the mountain. IT was about to come out of the side of the mountain,
    but SIDE, a creature with four legs that was about a foot tall, trapped IT inside the side of the mountain. Side went to the
    dragon and gave it his hand to congratulate it for getting the side of the mountain. But it just remained where it was and went
    back to sleep. SIDE then said to the dragon, "You are very smart, how could you see through my trap?" but the dragon didn't
    Meanwhile, the mountain! IN and IT were fighting in the side of it! IT king tried to jab in, but IN dodged it easily. IN tried
    to bunch IT, but it blocked it easily. The fight between IN and IT in the side of it lasted about four hours. They both got so
    tired that they fell asleep.
    SIDE blew the side of the mountain up. Making a path in the side of it, that lead to IN and IT. SIDE told the dragon to go
    in there or it would never see anything again. It got up and showed SIDE it's eyes, the dragon was blind. It hit SIDE into the
    side of the mountain and was about to close it, but , came out of nowhere and pushed the dragon into the side of the
    mountain where IT, IN, and SIDE were. , then made rocks fall in front of the path. , trapped them in the side of the mountain.
    , then blew up the mountain with it's extremely explosive hands. Then, after it was all over, , slept at the side of the blown
    up mountain that IT, SIDE, IN, and the dragon were in, but were no more. IT IS THE END OF THE STORY ABOUT THE SIDE
  • I HATE SUBTITLES IN AMVS! 2007-02-18 05:11:43 Subtitles are the worst thing in the world for amvs, the only thing that could possibly be worse is a video that has absolutely no cuts whatsoever. They get in the way, they make you want to stop watching the video. And they prove that the footage has been downloaded/torrented. All I can say is do not use subtitles in your amv unless you make them yourself(in other words, unless they're intentional). The only subtitles that would be ok in an amv would be subtitles that translate the song(If it's a different language). I wish people wouldn't use subtitled footage. It makes their videos look really bad. They should at least crop out the subtitles or try to not include them(Editing in only the action scenes without subtitles).
    The reason that I made this entry is because when I went to and searched for an amv with Last Resort, all I could find was stuff that had, SUBTITLES, had a maximum of 5 cuts(was extremely slow) and had hardly any effort in them. And what was even worse about these videos was that they were rated extremely high. I don't know why someone would rate something like that really high, but I find it really annoying. It makes it nearly impossible to find a decent music video.

    And that's why I hate subtitles in amvs.
  • The first amv I ever saw. 2007-01-21 00:45:45 The first amv I ever saw was one that was horribly edited and was horrible quality. The song was Last Resort by Papa Roach, the title was Pride and Power. I found it at I also found a few other videos. Although it was badly edited, it was the video that inspired me to make amvs. 
  • Some of my AMV history 2007-01-19 23:18:42 I have made a bunch of music videos(and lost some of them). The first one I made sucked really badly. It was three clips put together and the song was born to be wild. I made a bunch of videos with intelplay digital movie creator. It's a really great program for movie editing, but the quality is low and the framerate is 15fps. The really good thing about intel play was it ran really perfectly and smoothly. The bad things about it were the quality and sometimes the timing went off.
    After my first amv, I made an ok one, it was called tribute to broly. The song was One Step Closer by Linkin Park. The footage was from the first Broly movie. I have regrettably lost it.
    I lost some of my amvs, but I still have alot of them. One of the ones I lost was called Death of Caesar. The song was Still Waiting by sum 41 and the footage was kimba the lion.
    After about a year of not making amvs I started making them again. And I am still making them today. Yay!
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