JOURNAL: kajin_phoenixlord (Kyle Jackson)

  • Final Task 2014-07-30 12:26:14 Alright. I'm done with the editing for now. All that's left is to find the right quality setting without getting a humungous file. Almost. Almost. 
  • YES!!! 2014-07-20 15:08:37 Ok. I finally finished my latest AMV. Feels really good to complete one again. I just started on a second one. Once I finish the second one I will upload them both as a set since they have the same theme. I'm starting to get on a roll and feel really good about them. Look forward to sharing with everyone.  
  • A Bit Rusty 2014-07-11 12:09:05 With the time I've spent on my new video project I'm about halfway through with it. I forgot how tedious making these videos are. I'm trying to not to leaving anything to chance making this video. By studying my old ones and looking at some new ones, I plan on keeping consistency in my editing style. Stay tuned........ 
  • Rising from the Ashes 2014-06-29 14:31:17 It's been quite a long time since I've been on here. It's been about 7 years or so. I feel like I'm new to this all over again. Life sure has a way of moving fast, but I finally found the room to come back. I have quite the catching up to do, but feels good to be back doing videos again and watching other good videos. Here's to hoping I have not lost a step. 
  • Long Hiatus 2006-07-31 08:09:50 *Phew* I haven't been back here in a long time. Makes me kinda nostalgic. I can't say I've been doing anything important. Man, I need to get my stuff together with the quickness. It's nearly been a year since my last AMV and I need to get back on the ball. It really sucks to have a lack of motivation. Hopefully, I can get at leat an ounce of that old feeling back I had when I first began making AMVs. Only time will tell. I actually missed when people were checking out what I created and judging for themselves. I'm one of those who can absorb criticism and learn from it. Wish me luck. I have a feeling I will need it. 
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