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  • Wow, VCA shutout 2004-02-02 02:53:36 I didn't expect many nominations, but I thought that my The System Is Down video would have gotten a nomination for Artistic or Original. I guess it doesn't help that I'm not active on the Org. Most people don't know me here, except a few friends. So I guess a lot of people have just never seen my work. Ah well, not worrying about it. It's a very minor thing on my list of what to let bug me. I wish luck to the other contestants. May the best videos win. 
  • I'm baaaack! 2002-12-18 13:30:42 Thanks to Dave Peterson's help, today I got my videos up at a new host. They are available for download as of now. I'm going to spend some time this winter encoding some of my older videos for the internet. I'm really psyched about getting my videos back online. Everyone go download some of my stuph! :D 
  • Aiiiieee!!!! Please enter the MTAC AMV contest! o_o 2002-07-15 18:14:59 This journal entry is a shameless plug to announce that my contest is seriously HURTING for some entries!! Please enter. ;_;

    Read my initial post about the contest here:

    I really need some entries here, guys. I don't have a lot, and at this point, the awards are going to be way too easy to win with so few contestants. Send in ANY videos. Go to the MTAC AMV website ( for instructions on how to submit videos.

    ++++ you don't have to attend the convention to enter the contest!
    ++++ the video does not have to be new!

    In addition to the options listed on the website, I will also accept videos submitted via ftp. I can't guarantee that the server will be infallible, but you can certainly try it. E-mail me after you send the video, so I can check for it on the ftp server and make sure it arrived intact. The server is (port 21, of course, for ftp), and you can log in with the username "upload" and the password "upload". Please don't send uncompressed files. Use one of the recommended compression methods on the mtac website to make it a manageable file size. My server only has about 6 GB free right now, and when it fills up, I won't be able to accept any more videos via FTP.

    If you DO use the ftp option, I still need you to send me the info requested on the online form (see the website). Just include it in the mail you send, and be sure to tell me the filename that associates to the form. This is all common sense stuff, of course.

    So please send your videos for the contest now. Any video you have made in the last year or two will be just fine. I don't care if it has shown elsewhere, as long as it hasn't shown in a previous MTAC contest.

    E-mail me if you have questions or need clarifications. 
  • Middle Tennessee Anime Convention AMV Contest 2002-07-07 02:00:34 Hokay, I know, shameless plugging in the journal. it ain't what it's intended for, but hell... you guys NEED to know this stuff. Farbeit for me to deprive you of knowledge! So here it is...

    This year at the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (MTAC), we've got an AMV contest hosted by me! It's my first year as director of the contest, and I would much appreciate it if we received a lot of work from you, my esteemed and talented colleagues. ^_-

    Please check out the contest info, rules, etc at the following website:

    The video doesn't have to be brand spanking new, and you don't have to attend the convention to enter. It would be nice if you could come to receive your certificate in person, but hey, if not, I can mail 'em, ya know?

    Thus far, I have received only one entry. You don't want to let this guy win all the awards by DEFAULT, do you? o_o

    The deadline for receipt of submissions is July 25th.

    Thank you!
    Lee "Lostboy" Thompson
    AMV Contest Director, MTAC 2002 
  • Flu bug 2002-02-27 13:02:14 I have the flu. -_-;

    Also, what's with the fan parodies and con documentaries getting posted here? Is not music videos, no? Yes? No. Maybe someone needs to open

    Someone make me well again. ;_; 
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