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  • MORE CHAOS, by Meilin 2005-07-06 19:04:55 Holy Hell.... What a day.....

    Okay, y'all need to know i'm going to the cosplay picnic is Saratoga Spa State Park this Saturday, and my friends and I are going in a Shaman King group. Emma is Faust, I am Anna, and so on.

    Well, I had the dress and the Headband weeks ago, but I left the beads untill today. Biggest mistake i ever made in my life. I figured, lets go get some blue clay-doh and that'll be it right? Wrong.

    *****11:54 Am******
    What an ordeal! First, Wal-Mart, a few miles away. Well, of course, no blue clay or anything, and mom wouldn't shelve the money for the multi-pack, so off we go to Jo-Ann's, looking for normal beads and paint. Well, we all know how large the beads on Anna's necklace are. It was a hassle, but a cheap variety pack had them. Then, to find the perfect paint. Found it.

    ******4:12 PM******
    Yes, it took that long.

    Now i'm home, and tomorrow, I will go out into the sun (I'm melting! MELTING!!!) And paint beads before stringing them with fishing line.  
  • Chaos, bu Meilin 2005-07-06 19:03:57 *Starry eyes* ah joy!!! I have met my GODS!

    you're probably mega-confused, so I'll explain.

    Yesterday Schweppes, her twin brother (Ryan), Joe, and I all went to AnimeNEXT convention in New Jersey. We had hoped to get autographs from the FullMetal Alchemist voice actors:
    Vic Mignona: Edward Elric (Dark, DNAngel, Kurtz, Fullmetal Panic)
    Catlin Grass: Winry Rockbell
    Travis Willingham: Roy Mustang

    We went to the panel, and we had them making jokes about eachother like there was no tomorrow. Travis-San did the MINISKIRT line, and Mignona-Sama brought a boy who was like 8 in a Dark Mousy costume up on stage and was praising him in front of hundreds. They told storys of Aaron Dismuke (Alphonse) getting fidgety in the recording studio, and Travis having no love life, Of Catlin's obsseion with anime and Vic's obsession with Fullmetal Alchemist Merchandise, and of all of them becoming voice actors! (Travis' story was best. His fraternity went past ESPN, got hooked on Dragonball Z, and he noticed Laura Bailey, the voice of Kid Trunks, on the credits. He knew her, called her up, and said: "WHY ARE YOU ON DRAGONBALL?" Bailey: "I do the voice of Kid Trunks..." Travis: "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL BE?! can you hook a brother up?") Mignona was asked about his opinion of slash, and the respose was thus: "I'M SETTLING THIS SLASH THING ONCE AND FOR ALL! Ed likes GIRLS!!!" I was in heaven,

    But the staff cut the line directly in front of us. (I nearly killed them.) And we all walked away. (Crying in my case....) Later, we met them just walking around the con like normal people! I noticed Mignona-Sama, then I saw Catlin-San's Alphonse hat. We were so happy! We talked to them and they even gave us autographs! I'll post pictures of this con (And them and my autographs) when I get them developed.

    I asked Mignona-Sama:

    "Mr. Mignona, I know Roy likes miniskirts, but how does he feel about Envy?"
    "*Laughs with Catlin-Senpai* Well... *chuckles* Mustang would PROBABLY not mind getting it up with Envy if (I swear he said this, it is NOT a typo) she wasn't so evil."
    Meilin: "*looks at Joe/Schweppes/Chizuko* SHE?!"

    Cosplayer Count:
    Ed: 57
    Roy: 7
    Hawkeye: 1
    Envy: 2
    Lust: 1
    Greed: 1
    Wrath: 1 
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